‘Big Brother All-Stars’ Christmas Abbott Is Ousted, Reveals Why She Cried So Much

Christmas Abbott via Instagram

Christmas Abbott was the latest houseguest to be sent to jury this week on Big Brother All Stars. This leaves Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel and Enzo Palumbo as the final three. She cried a lot during this past week. Now that she is out of the house, Christmas is sharing what had her so emotional during those final days.

Christmas cried a lot

Entertainment Weekly shared what Christmas had to say about all the shed tears. So why did she cry so much? Christmas said, “The last week, especially after Enzo nominated me, I got really, really emotional, and it’s just kind of like this whole season coming to a head. It felt, for me, like I was one against three players, and guess what? It’s true!”

She continued on saying she was really missing her son. And, she could see the light at the end of the tunnel. She said, “I was told by Enzo for the whole season that he wasn’t going to put me up and him putting me up just felt like a pretty big betrayal. And so I felt really beat up in that moment and I just needed to go have a really big cry and let it out so I could reset and focus on what I needed to do the next day.”


Enzo hurt her feelings

Christmas overheard Enzo talking with Cody and Nicole. Enzo said they are the best final three ever. She felt very hurt over those words. While she knew she was probably getting evicted, she said it still hurt her feelings. It made her feel overlooked.

Enzo wasn’t the only one to be hurtful in the game. On Dani’s way out of the house, she refused to hug Christmas. So, does Christmas have any hard feelings about that? She said, “I mean, I get it, she just got evicted and I’m in the house. She wanted me out. I understand. I don’t have any hard feelings toward her personally. And I understand in that moment, like, you have real feelings in that moment. And that was her choice. It’s hers. And I respect it and we’ll see how this shakes out personally after the game, but I’m not holding anything against her. I don’t have any negativity coming out of that house that I want to carry over into my real life.”

This is Christmas’ second time to make it to the final four. She said there is no comparison between the two experiences. The first time around she didn’t feel she could compete well physically. She proved that to be wrong this time around.

Now that Christmas is in the jury house, who do you think she will want to win the game?

Don’t miss the Big Brother All Stars finale Wednesday, October 28 on CBS.

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