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‘Storage Wars’: Did Brandi Passante’s Father Just Pass Away?

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Followers of Brandi Passante think her father might’ve passed away.

Storage Wars princess Brandi Passante hit her 219,000 Instagram followers with a pretty sad post a few days ago. The post was a tribute. A tribute to someone who had recently passed away. And, considering how young Brandi Passante appears to be in the photo attached to the Instagram post… Storage Wars fans are making a lot of assumptions on who must be featured in the post.

Could the man in the photo be Brandi Passante’s father?

In a more broad assumption, fans believe the photo must feature family members of Brandi Passante. After all, the Storage Wars alum looks pretty young in the photo. Between her youth and the way she’s hanging on the man in the photo, fans assume it to be a family photo.

Likewise, fans suspect this might be a picture of a young Brandi Passante with her parents. As those who follow the Storage Wars alum know, Brandi Passante is notoriously private about her personal life. A quick scroll through her bios on several different websites reveal there is no public information known about her parents. Moreover, people aren’t even sure what her parents’ names are.

So, seeing such a personal photo from Brandi Passante’s childhood is a pretty big deal for her followers. Fortunately, it certainly seemed like her followers behaved and were extremely respectful in the comments.

A scroll through the comments reveals a few different individuals asking whether the man in the photo is her father. There was even one individual who referred to the man in the photo as “Pat.” Could Brandi Passante’s father’s name be Pat? And, has Brandi Passante’s father recently passed away? Did his death have anything to do with COVID-19?

The TV personality pays tribute to the mystery man.

Unfortunately, Brandi Passante hasn’t been responsive in the comments of this post. So, Storage Wars fans really aren’t getting any information or confirmation on who the mystery man is. Most are assuming this is a photo of her father. And, that her father has recently passed away. But, we can’t be certain. Moreover, fans really have no idea how he passed away.

Could it be COVID-19 related? Unsurprisingly, some can’t help but wonder if COVID-19 could have had anything to do with the cause of death. We also know Brandi Passante herself had COVID-19 back in June. If she had passed it to her father back in June… It is unlikely that he would be passing away from it now.  Unfortunately, unless Brandi Passante comes forward with details we are left to fan speculation on who this is or how he died.

Still, Brandi Passante paid a very sweet tribute to this mystery man.

I will miss your stories, your wisdom, your stellar taste in music, & the constant laughter. You were the life of every party & the voice of reason that will always ring in my ears.”

It certainly sounds like this individual meant a great deal to Brandi Passante. And, she was really going to miss him.

Her followers were here to support her.

Despite most not appearing to know who was in the photo, her followers were ready to show support. Even some of her former co-stars from Storage Wars poured into the comments with love and support.

Her co-star Darrell penned: “Sorry Brandi from Darrell and Kimber , ever need anything we’re here.”

Fans flooded the comment section with heart emojis. And, a lot of condolences. Sorry for your loss Brandi Passante. Your fans will keep your family in their thoughts and well wishes.

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