Why Did Malia White Smirk During The ‘Below Deck Med’ Reunion?

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Malia White noticed the reactions during the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 reunion. Viewers wanted to know why she smirked every time Hannah Ferrier or Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran spoke. While the reunion had its share of memorable moments, they can’t get smirking Malia out of their head.

Most of those viewers took to share their thoughts. They couldn’t understand why Malia thought everything was funny. She smirked when Chef Kiko explained his Las Vegas-themed dinner disaster. She also cracked a smile when Hannah sparred with Captain Sandy Yawn.

Now, Malia is revealing why she was smiling so much during the reunion.

Malia White claims there was a drinking game behind-the-scenes

The Below Deck Med star took to her Instagram Stories to address the backlash. Many viewers noticed that she was laughing and grinning during inappropriate moments on the show. Malia White decided to make a PSA about it. “PSA: I wasn’t laughing at anyone during the reunion,” she wrote in her Instagram Story. “Deck crew had a lot of behind the scenes group chats & drinking games taking place for some fun!”

“While Andy was addressing some directly we were having a little fun in the background!” she continued. “The way it comes across on camera is obviously different from the reality of it.”

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But not everyone believes Malia’s answer. Viewers didn’t see Rob, Alex, or even Jess laugh while their fellow crew members spoke. They argued that her behavior was inappropriate.

“Malia’s smirk, especially while Kiko was talking, just sums up everything that was terrible about this season of BelowDeckMed. She is smug, egocentric person and it’s gross,” one fan tweeted on Tuesday, October 20. “Can’t even get started on Sandy…”

Below Deck Med fans are fed up with Malia

The bosun became one of the most hated people on the show. Viewers are hoping that the two-part reunion would provide some closure. But so far, they haven’t been happy with what they’ve witnessed. During Season 5, Malia White snapped a photo of Hannah Ferrier’s Valium prescription, vape pen, lighter, and passport holder. She shared the photo with Captain Sandy Yawn who then fired Hannah.

During that time, Malia’s boyfriend took over as the new chef after Sandy fired Kiko. Many viewers feel that Malia had something to do with the firings. They also think that the producers set up Hannah and Kiko in order to show Malia in a positive light. But Bravo producers claim that nothing was set up this season.

“I have to be honest. My heart sank,” executive producer Nadine Rajabi told Vanity Fair about the moment Malia found Hannah’s medication. “It was very shocking.”


She also denied the claims that Malia’s boyfriend was a plant. Nadine explained that a female chef was supposed to come on board. But she couldn’t make it, and Sandy found herself in a difficult spot. So, she offered the job to Chef Tom Checketts on the spot.

It’s also been revealed that Malia and Sandy are returning next season. The two have been spotted filming together on a yacht. It’s unclear who else will be joining them for Season 6. What are your thoughts on Malia smirking during the reunion? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

Part two of the Below Deck Med reunion airs Monday night, October 26 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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