‘Sister Wives’ Star Janelle Brown Shouts Out ‘The Blacklist’ For Great Entertainment

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown clearly doesn’t spend her entire life watching reruns of her own TLC show. She obviously hunted for something to watch that held her attention. How many of us find ourselves in that situation? Sometimes, a series is so good, we wander around for days hunting for something fulfilling and gripping to watch when it ends. Well, Janelle discovered The Blacklist, and she seems more than happy with it.

Sister Wives – Janelle Brown loves Blacklist

Janelle took to her Twitter on Tuesday, October 20, and talked about the long-running NBC series. It also airs on Netflix. Her post read, “Have you guys watched Blacklist? The TV series with James Spader. Apparently, I am really late to the party as there are so many seasons. What a ride! The plot twists keep you watching. Im loving it!” Well, lots of fans agree with her and many of them commented.

One Sister Wives fan noted, “Whatch [sic] out @JanelleBrown117 you may end up watching all night it is so good.” And, another one wrote, “Such a great show!! Enjoy. Hope you and your family are doing well! Hugs from Ontario Canada.” But not all fans like it. One of them noted, “We began the series when it 1st aired but it was too violent & full of ugly ideas so my hubby said there must be something [pure] to watch for our minds & souls & we’ve enjoyed finding those series that are out there. Don’t let trends confuse you.”

The Blacklist gets an 8th season

According to What’s On Netflix, “the series has been renewed for season 8.” So, Janelle Brown could end up watching it for a long time yet. Season 7 dropped without much fanfare on the streaming site for the USA on September 29. And, the outlet also noted that fans of the show can expect it to remain on Netflix for some time to come. Apparently, they contract with Sony for it at $2 million per episode. And, they don’t hold that contract with NBC, so Peacock TV probably won’t interfere in that.

Talking about new seasons, Sister Wives got yet another hint from Janelle Brown that it returns to TLC again. We reported that it’s not the first hint, but the more cast members who hint, the more likely it seems that viewers watch the Brown family again. Actually, leaks suggest that Tony Padron and his wife Mykelti might feature. Plus. Ysabel went for her back surgery. So, fans could see that. And, fans expect more about Maddie Brown Brush’s baby girl Evie.

In the meantime, if you haven’t yet watched The Blacklist, you could always join Janelle Brown and enjoy it until TLC brings her back on the screen. If you watched it, shout out your thoughts in the comments below.

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