’90 Day Fiancé’s’ Larissa Lima Says She Is ‘Happy’ After Being Fired

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Turns out, 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima is happy about being fired. Why? Because she’s ready for a “new beginning.” 

Larissa Lima went too far

TLC fired Larissa Lima earlier this year, In Touch Weekly reminds us. The Brazilian bombshell was reportedly let go due to her work with the adult Livestream site, CamSoda. She says she was anticipating her departure long before getting the phone call from TLC. “I was ready and happy,” Larissa revealed about her reaction to being let go, saying the writing “was on the wall.” 

She took a lot of heat from haters

“It was affecting my mental health. It was affecting the way that I see my body,” she added. She went on to say that she took a lot of verbal bullying from women. The bullying from haters was too much to handle. Therefore, the hot brunette started to think about other ways to make money outside of TLC. 

Why fans weren’t happy with Larissa Lima

Larissa confessed on an early 90 Day Fiance show that she left her two small children back in Brazil. Family members were taking care of both children at the time of the show. She added that she didn’t want to bring her children to the US from Brazil due to not knowing if her marriage to her now ex Colt Johnson would work.

Obviously, that relationship didn’t work out and Larissa moved on to a relationship with her current boyfriend Eric Nichole. She went on to spend roughly 100k on cosmetic surgery to improve the way she looks. Fans were upset and said she was being self-centered. Viewers would comment that the money she was spending should have been going to her kids.


Filming, but not enjoying it

While filming Larissa would see Colt Johnson and that was hard. She would have to film for hours and she was over it. She said she was even shooting for the upcoming season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? when she was fired. “I was tired of doing what I was doing”, She said and was happy when she didn’t have to think about the show anymore.


Making more money now 

Larissa Lima is making more money now with different revenue adventures. She reveals that she is more than happy with having her freedom to post what she wants on social media. The ex-reality show star has said her OnlyFans account has already made her a lot of extra cash and she’s not stopping now.  She hasn’t stated whether she will be doing Camsoda anymore but she did bring in a lot of money for that hour-long show so many fans assume that she will continue.

Are you bummed to see Larissa Lima move on? Or, are you happy she’s found other ways to make money? 


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