‘The Flight Attendant’ Starring Kaley Cuoco Gets Premiere Date and Poster

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If you’re missing the chance to travel, HBO Max sort of has your back. The Flight Attendant starring Kaley Cuoco is finally taking flight. Now is the time to prepare for take-off.

The Flight Attendant not only has a November premiere date, but the official poster is out. It gives us a hint of what to expect in this new series, which will certainly include a murder mystery to follow.

When Will The Flight Attendant Premiere?

There isn’t much longer to wait for the new scripted series on the WarnerMedia streaming service. The Flight Attendant premieres on Thursday, Nov. 26, according to TV Fanatic. Three episodes will drop right away, and the rest will come in subsequent weeks.

What isn’t clear is whether the show will drop weekly after that or follow the method of Love LifeRaised By Wolves, and other HBO Max properties. The streamer has had some success with the dual model of weekly releases and binge-watching. It wouldn’t be surprising if the streamer followed the same pattern, dropping three episodes at a time to binge-watch every weekend.

The poster for the first season is now available, giving us a hint of things to expect. Kaley Cuoco is in the center, falling through the sky and surrounding by items. There are a martini glass, lipstick, a broken beer bottle, and shoes. It’s also impossible to overlook the blood on Cuoco’s hand in the poster. Check it out below.

What is The Flight Attendant About?

Based on the novel of the same name by Chris Bohjalian’s, The Flight Attendant follows a young flight attendant (the clue is in the title) who wakes up in a hotel room next to a dead body. She has no idea how she got there, let alone how the body got there.

Rather than stick around for any trouble, Cuoco’s character gets on the next scheduled flight with her fellow crew members. She goes to work as if nothing has happened, but that’s not going to last for long. FBI agents wait for her on the other side, curious about the events in Dubai. For those who love a good TV crime drama, this is definitely something to check out.

The series has an outstanding cast connected to it. Zosia Mamet, Michiel Huisman, T.R. Knight, Michelle Gomez, and Griffin Matthews just some of the names attached to the project. The question is whether the cast will have the writing to support their talents. That is always a fear when it comes to excellent actors on a project.

What do you think of the plot for The Flight Attendant? Who are you most excited to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Flight Attendant premieres on Nov. 26 with three episodes on HBO Max.

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