‘Below Deck Med’ Fans Upset At Andy Cohen For Exposing Hannah

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Below Deck Med fans aren’t happy with Andy Cohen yet again. He hosted the two-part Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 reunion, which aired on Monday night. The first part was about Hannah Ferrier’s firing. As fans remember, Captain Sandy Yawn fired the chief stew after finding unregistered Valium and a CBD pen.

However, Andy claims a different story. Apparently, there was an investigation into Hannah’s CBD pen. Andy claims that Hannah had weed, not CBD onboard. Fans weren’t happy to see him try to throw the pregnant reality star under the bus. Even Hannah didn’t look happy when he brought it up.

Andy Cohen exposes Hannah Ferrier

Hannah Ferrier previously tweeted a photo of her Valium tablets and CBD pen. The Below Deck Med alum said that CBD is legal in Spain. However, Bravo did an investigation into the origins of the vape pen. Host Andy Cohen claimed that it looked nothing like a CBD pen.

“So Hannah you were saying that it was a CBD pen, right?” the Bravo executive producer asked during the reunion.

Hannah confirmed that she owned a CBD pen. “The cartridge was CBD, yeah,” she said.

“So the vape pen manufacturer has verified that the vape pen in the photo is not a CBD pen,” Andy explained. “It’s a THC pen.”

Then a screenshot of the two pens was shown to viewers at home.

“The vape pen matches the THC pen and not their CBD pen,” he continued. Hannah sat back in her chair and groaned. She didn’t share her side of the story yet. More will be revealed during the second part of the reunion.

Below Deck Med fans slam Andy

Fans were not happy about Hannah’s firing. Most of them sided with her. And they were especially not happy to see Andy exposing Hannah for having a weed pen even if his claim is true. Some of them took to Twitter to slam the host.

  • “Andy you and Bravo did Hannah dirty….and you guys keep throwing her under the bus….”
  • “Andy getting photos of vape pens like he’s an investigator, you’re not Anderson Cooper.”
  • “not that anyone asked for my thoughts but most, if not all vape cartridges are universal and has nothing to do with the vape battery that was purchased – looking at you, andy + sandy.”
  • “She was removed and fired. It doesn’t matter at this point if it’s cbd or thc. Stop being a dead horse @Andy.”
  • “Hannah won that reunion. Until Andy and Bravo got messy with that vape pen.”

One Below Deck Med fan tweeted that they own a similar pen. They use it for both THC and CBD. The user claimed that the “cartridges are the same thread” and that they “can screw them on to my vapes interchangeably. Not a single one is different.” The fan went on to say that Andy “is full of s*** with his claim.”

Did Andy try to turn fans against Hannah?

Hannah admitted her mistake of carrying the prescription and a vape pen. But fans didn’t like the way she was treated during the reunion episode. They felt that Andy gave Hannah difficult questions while Captain Sandy and Malia White got off the hook. Fans think Andy is being hard on Hannah because Sandy and Malia have started filming the next season of Below Deck Mediterranean.

“Greedy @Andy trying to manipulate the audience into turning against @hannahferrier_ it not working mate, your audience can see the injustice @CaptSandyYawn is presenting,” one fan tweeted.


“Andy trying to turn the tide against Hannah is not something they will happen. Keep reaching,” another added.

Next week, Hannah will share her side of the story. Hopefully, she gets the redemption arc she desperately needs. Part two of the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 reunion airs Monday, October 26 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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