Damage Control? ‘OutDaughtered’ MiMi’s Instagram Disappears After Arrest

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If you went looking for MiMi’s Instagram today, you were probably a little surprised.

OutDaughtered fans were hit with some pretty devastating news this morning when we learned grandma MiMi had been arrested last week. Unfortunately, the headlines popping up were not fake news or clickbait. The TLC grandmother was arrested for a DUI. And, the details behind the arrest don’t look good for MiMi.

Typically, fans rush to a person’s Instagram after this happens.

Now, after any type of big news related to a reality TV series star happens… Fans will rush to the Instagram of said individual. And, we know MiMi of OutDaughtered has her own Instagram. It isn’t verified. But, she does have one. And, she does update it at least a few times a month.

So, we did what we are sure a lot of other OutDaughtered fans have done. We rushed over to her Instagram page. We wanted to see what fans were saying about the arrest. Are they being kind to MiMi? Are they letting her have it for driving while intoxicated?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as if they are able to do or say much of anything directly to MiMi. Why? Well, it seems as if the family is doing a little damage control. MiMi has disappeared from Instagram.

MiMi’s  Instagram account disappears, fans assume damage control.

The OutDaughtered family is known for being wholesome. They are known for not being about the drama. So, someone within the family getting arrested is a bit difficult to for fans to wrap their minds around. In fact, many insisted there is no way this story could be true. Unfortunately, there is a police report and mugshot that says otherwise.

Now, MiMi’s Instagram account has either been deleted or deactivated at this time. Given how much content she had on it, it makes more sense that the family just deactivated it. Perhaps they are hoping this news will eventually blow over.


It is also possible MiMi’s Instagram account has disappeared to protect her. Drunk driving is not a small mistake. She could have really hurt (or killed) someone. And, MiMi tried to hide it when the cops pulled her over. So, it is possible the disappearance of her Instagram account is to protect her. To protect her from the ugly things some fans might have to say about this current situation.

So, does MiMi’s Instagram disappearing surprise you? Do you think the family hopes this story will blow over? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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