‘Younger’ Season 7 Starts Filming: Why Series May Keep Evolving

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Will Liza say yes? Younger fans have been waiting over a year to find out if Liza Miller (Sutton Foster) will say yes to Charles Brooks’ (Peter Hermann) marriage proposal. Although Covid-19 has delayed Younger Season 7, fans of the TVLand show should be thrilled to learn that they have now started filming in New York.

Will this be the end?

There seems to be some belief that although one storyline will be done, Younger may continue to “evolve.”

Younger Season 7 Has Begun Filming!

On Wednesday, Debi Mazar announced on Instagram that they are back on the set. She shared a photo of Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff and herself. They were all maskless, smiling and looking stunning.

Thanks to Debi, we know how they are keeping our Younger stars safe during the pandemic. It sounds like they are keeping everyone safe on the Younger set. They are wearing masks, unless in front of the camera. They are not eating on the set. But, the actress who plays Liza Miller’s best friend and roommate, Maggie Amato, is thrilled to be back.

Mazar wrote “1st Day back on set! Wild! Major Covid19 protocols in place. Proud of my cast & crew for braving it & taking all the extra measures to protect one another. Love seeing my cast mates & being around their fantastic energy!!! I feel blessed to have a job! I was nervous that I would have forgotten how to act!🤣 Masks were on all the time, unless we were filming. No eating or drinking on the set now.”

Is Younger Season 7 The End?

Will Younger Season 7 be the end of the series? It is looking more and more like it will be the end of Liza’s story. But, it may not be the end per se. Nico Tortorella, who plays Liza’s younger love interest Josh, thinks that the show will continue to evolve.

Speaking to Digital Spy, The Walking Dead World Beyond star shared, “I don’t think the universe of Younger is dead, but potentially this specific storyline is.” He was indicating that Liza’s story was ending. That would make sense as everyone now knows her secret. She is not a millennial, but instead, a divorced mom from New Jersey.

In addition, Nico pointed out that television is not the same as it was once was. “I just feel like television in general is evolving in ways that we don’t even understand quite yet. So who knows what’s going to happen moving forward?” He seemed to imply that Darren Star did say that the show was “unofficially ending.” That does seems rather cryptic.

And of course, there are plans for a Younger spinoff, featuring Kelsey Peters (Hilary Duff). Could this still just be called Younger?

Only creator Darren Star knows for sure. Right now, Star is in the news a lot for his somewhat controversial, eye candy series, Emily In Paris. He is on a momentum and it is clear that he has an idea for a great spinoff. Let’s hope that this will be the news Younger fans want to hear!


What Should Fans Expect In Season 7?

Recently, Sutton Foster spoke to Business Insider about Younger Season 7. She was asked what fans should expect in the upcoming season, including where they will start off. Season 6 ended with Charles proposing to Liza. That was quite a cliffhanger.

The two-time Tony winner said, “I think fans can expect for us to pick up right where we left off at the end of season six. And plenty of antics and emotional and hilarious moments.”

Will we find out if Liza says yes? We are all in!

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