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What Lauren Caldwell’s Engagement Means For Duggars

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As TV Shows Ace reports, Lauren Caldwell is engaged! She’s the younger sister of Kendra Duggar, who married Joe. While many fans of both families are happy for Lauren, some are surprised by the reveal of her fiance. For one, it was never announced that the couple was courting. Also, she was rumored to be dating a Duggar boy. So, this is one announcement that fans definitely did not see coming.

Lauren Caldwell announces engagement

On Thursday, Lauren’s parents took to their Caldwell family Instagram page to reveal their daughter’s big news. They say that the proposal was a surprise. Currently, the family is on vacation in Florida. So, the photos they are sharing are on the beach. Joe, Kendra, and the rest of the family are there too.

Lauren’s fiance is Titus Hall. Little is known about him, especially since the engagement news is unexpected. But, he lives in Pennsylvania and preaches. Of course, fans will likely learn more about him as the relationship progresses. Lauren is also supposedly joining Instagram, which will give her a platform to share about her fiance.

Overall, fans seem to be happy with the news and are looking forward to seeing the relationship grow.

Lauren Caldwell rumored to be dating a Duggar

There are several Counting On men who are of courting age. Since some of those guys spend time with Joe and Kendra, as well as the Caldwell family, fans thought Lauren would be courting a Duggar. Lauren also spent a lot of time at Jim Bob and Michelle’s house and was pictured there at different family gatherings. All signs seemed to point to a Duggar-Caldwell courtship. But, as it turns out, this didn’t happen.

Several times, James Duggar has been spotted hanging out with the Caldwells. It was suspected that Lauren and James were courting. Fans also thought that she could be dating another Duggar guy.

Now, it’s unclear if any of the men who are of courting age are actually in courtships. Justin recently announced a courtship with Claire Spivey. But, there are a few others who may be courting and waiting to make their big announcements. This includes:

  • Jana, 30
  • Jeremiah, 21
  • Jedidiah, 21
  • Jason, 20
  • James, 19

It’s possible that there will be a Duggar courtship announcement soon enough. So, fans should be on the lookout.

So, did you think that Lauren Caldwell was courting a Duggar guy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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