‘The Grand Tour Presents: Madagascar,’ What IMDb Now Reveals

The Grand Tour, Amazon Prime-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x4Y2JNoEz8

The Grand Tour fans have been getting impatient. Already, Amazon Prime has released its November schedule, and there is no information on when the long awaited “Madagascar” episode will be released.

Well, Amazon’s movie and television database, IMDb, has officially listed the new episode.

What information have can we glean from this?

‘The Grand Tour Presents: Madagascar’ Is Season 5 Episode

The Grand Tour fans have waited an awfully long time for the “Madagascar” episode. If they looked at IMDb, they would not find it in Season 4, as they expected. Instead, it is now listed under Season 5.

This means that The Grand Tour Season 4 is officially complete with the one episode, “Seamen.”

So, what do we know about Season 5? The Amazon-owned ultimate visual media database has a bit of information. First, the title. The name of the Season 5, Episode 1 offering is called “The Grand Tour Presents: Madagascar.” Based on the listing for “Seamen,” which was called “The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen,” we can officially call this episode, “Madagascar,” just like you can call a Chevrolet a Chevy.

Under the title, there is a bit more information. The episode is one hour 30 minutes long. In comparison, “Seamen” was one hour and 31 minutes long. Moreover, “The Mongolian Special: Survival Of The Fattest” episode was one hour and 32 minutes long.

Both the “Seamen” episode and the “Mongolian” episodes were epic. This sounds promising for the “Madagascar” episode.

What else does the listing include? There is a brief description of the episode. It reads, “Special starts in French island La RĂ©union and then ends largely in Madagascar.”

The three stars of the Amazon Prime show are listed: Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson. We can safely assume that longtime producer, Andy Wilman produced this episode. Andy got Covid-19, and that is why editing the episode took so long. Once he recovered, he sifted through over 1,000 hours of footage and reduced it to an hour and a half.

When Will The Grand Tour Season 5 Start?

Does the IMDb listing share when Amazon Prime will air The Grand Tour “Madagascar” episode? Not, yet. Where there should be a premiere date are the words “tv episode.” When will they air the new episode?

Well, if we base it on Season 4, that started in December 2019. Could that mean that Season 5 could potentially start in December 2020? Yes. We also know that Amazon has already shared their November offerings. They do not include the former Top Gear stars.

But, by mid-November, we should have news on whether they will air the “Madagascar” episode in December.

There is one more piece of distressing news. Previously, Amazon renewed The Grand Tour for a fifth season. Does this mean that whatever the trio can film now, during Covid-19, will be part of that season? And will Amazon renew them for beyond Season 5?

Those are questions without answers. Hopefully, Amazon will give Jeremy, Richard and James a post-coronavirus season to do that Russia trip.


Is ‘Scotland’ Episode Part Of Season 5?

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond just returned from a trip to the Scottish Highlands. They were filming a new episode in one of the few remote areas that they could safely take their crews. We can safely assume this will be part of Season 5. That is, unless they are only doing one episode a season and they have been renewed for Season 6.

Amazon doesn’t really share any information, and fans are getting frustrated.

But, “Scotland” will surely be an interesting episode, as it is filmed during the pandemic. But hopefully, it won’t take so long to premiere.

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