‘OutDaughtered’ Uncle Dale Mills Jests Not To Trust Olivia: ‘She Cray’

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Uncle Dale Mills of OutDaughtered is definitely the jokester of the family. But, that’s part of the reason why fans of the TLC series love him so much. He seems to enjoy hanging out in the comments of Adam and Danielle’s Instagram posts. And, he’s always popping off with witty banter.

Adam Busby got fans talking with a recent Instagram post.

An Instagram post on the It’s a Buzz World account really has fans talking today. For starters, one critical fan took issue with Hazel being “fed lines.” Then, another fan took issue with the girls being forced to sit in front of the camera and lights. After that, more fans started to freak about the show being scripted. Turns out, the post also got Uncle Dale Mills talking. But, he wasn’t getting involved in the hysteria. In fact, he was just interested in goofing off in the comments.

The post featured three different pictures of Hazel answering questions and talking to the camera. In the caption, Adam Busby jested that Olivia was “feeding lines” to Hazel. But, it didn’t seem like Hazel was interested in letting Olivia tell her what to say.

Likewise, it sounded like Uncle Dale Mills was ready to side with little Hazel on this one. And, are we really that surprised? This is team Dazel after all!

Uncle Dale Mills jests not to trust Olivia

“Olivia is the last person I would repeat anything from… #shecray.” Uncle Dale Mill jested in a comment. OutDaughtered fans liked the comment over 250 times. Unsurprisingly, they were here for the goofy uncle banter.

In fact, nearly a dozen fans also responded to the comment. They loved seizing an opportunity to interact with the quints goofy uncle. And, it wasn’t uncommon for Uncle Dale Mills to banter with fans in the comments.


Many left hearts and crying so hard they were in tears emojis in the comments. Some opted to just tag other fans to see the hilarious comment.

One individual jested the real reason Hazel shouldn’t trust Olivia is because Uncle Dale probably told her what to say!

“If I recall RiRi called Uncle Dale a Jerk,” another follower chimed in.

Most who responded to the comment looked to be a little too tickled to say much of anything.


Here’s hoping we will get to see some of our favorite silly Uncle Dale Mills when Season 8 of OutDaughtered finally premieres! Stick with us at Tv Shows Ace for the latest Busby related news!

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