‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Think Quinterviews Seem ‘Kinda Weird, But ‘Handled Well’

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Adam Busby recently revealed Quinterviews and the production of OutDaughtered Season 8 was currently underway. And, fans couldn’t be more excited for the good news. Unfortunately, we don’t have a premiere date for OutDaughtered Season 8 just yet. But, we’ll take the good news we can get at this point!

What is a Quinterview, anyway?

A Quinterview is just a funny play on words for OutDaughtered dad Adam Busby. Like every other TLC reality series, OutDaughtered features interview/diary style clips. This is when individual cast members sit down in front of the camera for a chat or to answer questions. Adam just decided to combine the word interview and quints. And, that’s where the word Quinterview came from.

One OutDaughtered fan thinks Quinterviews seem overwhelming & ‘kinda weird’

For whatever reason, there were a lot of critical OutDaughtered fans in the comments of the most recent post on the It’s a Buzz World Instagram account. As we previously reported, one fan took issue with Adam mentioning that Hazel was “repeating lines” for the camera. Adam, however, was quick to remind the critical fan that the quints were just children. They were not going to stop playing and having fun just because the cameras were rolling.

“That’s got to be sorta weird sitting all alone with lights, cameras and all the commotion in the house??? The girls seem to handle it well though,” one individual penned in the comments.


The individual didn’t not seem as if they intended to be negative or critical. In fact, after making the critical comment, they concluded by acknowledging how well the quints seem to handle the chaos.

Fans know Adam and Danielle Busby are very careful.

Now, it is important to remember Adam and Danielle Busby always have the best interest of their girls in mind. In fact, this is why Season 8 of OutDaughtered got delayed as long as it did. Adam and Danielle didn’t want the girls to have to deal with adjusting to a school schedule and filming at the same time. So, they paused filming. And, gave the girls a chance to focus on school first.

We also know Adam Busby has previously opened up about whether the cameras are invasive to the quints. He explained that schedules and structure were key to making it work. He made sure the girls got a lot of breaks from the cameras. And, he never forced anyone in front of the camera that didn’t want to be there.

So, what do you think about the OutDaughtered interviews? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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