Did Adam Busby Admit ‘OutDaughtered’ Is Scripted? Fans Freak Out

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Did Adam Busby just admit some of OutDaughtered is scripted? A recent Instagram post by the It’s a Buzz World Instagram account has some fans freaking out. Now we’ve already briefly touched on this conversation in the comments of the post. And, we reported that Adam responded to the initial comment. He pointed out the quints were just kids. Inadvertently suggesting the panicked fan was reading too much into the caption.

Now, Adam Busby’s response certainly gave some peace of mind. Over 300 fans liked the response by Adam. But, it didn’t calm everyone. In fact, it looks like many other fans proceeded to freak out last night and this morning. Could OutDaughtered be scripted? Is this beloved reality TV show not as real as it seems? Keep reading to see what fans are saying.

Did Adam Busby confirm the show is scripted?

Adam Busby posted a silly Instagram post featuring three different pictures. Unfortunately, some people don’t bother to swipe and view all of the pictures. In the caption, Adam explained that Olivia was “feeding lines” to Hazel. All he meant was that Olivia was trying to tell Hazel what to say to the camera. He didn’t mean the girls were reading from a script. In fact, it seems pretty silly that anyone would think they could convince five different five-year-olds to stick to a script.

Unfortunately, logic didn’t really take over for most fans. They panicked in the comments. And, they discussed whether the show might be scripted.

“Thanks for answering me!! I thought everything was scripted idk.. and I’m freaking out. I found the show really recently and I’ve seen all the season in one week. luck and health to your family. God bless you, I hope I can see y’all for a long time.” The individual who originally asked what he meant about reading lines responded.

Other responses suggested fans had mixed feelings on the issue.

Some fans insist it must be true. So, is the show scripted?

But, there were other OutDaughtered fans who thought it was highly unlikely that the quints would be scripted. But, Adam and Danielle? They were a different story. And, fans could see the parents following scripts.

“Parts are probably scripted but I think that’s just limited to Adam and Danielle. Kids are definitely unscripted.” One follower agreed.


Likewise, a few individual slammed the fan who brought the topic up. And, they took issue with them trying to make something out of nothing. Meanwhile, the person who originally asked the question was not done either. So, they popped into the comments again. Turns out, they just thought the caption was confusing.

Causing a commotion in the comments was NOT this fan’s goal. They were just confused. And, they wanted a little clarification. So, perhaps, people just read too much into their question.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of the conversation. Other fans still pressed the issue. The issue of scripted or not scripted. And, here is what they said:

  • “I don’t think Hazel needs to be guided for answering. Hazel is smart and self confident enough to express by herself.”
  • “Think Olivia just tried to get Hazel to say something funny that she came up with.”

So, do you think OutDaughtered is scripted? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, stick with us at Tv Shows Ace for the latest OutDaughtered related news!

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