Adam Busby normal life after COVID-19

Adam Busby Fans Share Their Dreams For Life Post-COVID

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OutDaughtered fans constantly ask Adam Busby about a new season of the TLC show. He hinted that filming may have restarted, but nothing definite emerged yet.  In the meantime, he posts up videos on his Its a Buzz World channel on YouTube, In the comment section of a recent video, fans shared their dreams about life post-COVID-19.

Adam Busby hints at filming for the TLC show

Fans know that the last season of OutDaughtered got cut short because of COVID-19. Some of the episodes got filmed by the family as TLC pulled out. But, responses indicated a high demand for more. However, we reported that the family decided the education of the kids took top priority when school restarted. So, fans seemed delighted when Adam hinted at more filming.

On Instagram, we noted Adam Busby revealed a photo of quint Riley talking to production team members. And, it looks like more than just dad filming for Its a Buzz World. Multiple people and camera equipment feature in the photo. But, no date for a new season comes along. So, grateful fans take themselves off and watch more about the Busby family on Adam’s YouTube. Three days ago, Adam uploaded a video titled Getting a little of our Normal Back Since COVID.

Fans talk about post-COVID-19

In the video that he shared, Adam revealed their first trip back to Church. There, they met up with the congregation. Adam said they picked up some food for the meetup and he felt really happy about more “normalcy” arriving.

Then, in the comments section, he asked, “What is something that you are looking forward to as restrictions loosen?” In no time at all, over 110 people replied and shared their dreams about life without COVID-19.

Like Adam Busby and his family, many fans look forward to returning to church again. They desperately want the company and the community spirit of those like-minded friends. Others dream of the day they meet up with their extended families again. In fact, many of them last saw them months and months ago. Other people plan a trip to Hawaii or Disneyland. And, one person who never desired travel before, said they definitely plan on visiting “the beach.”

Waterparks feature as fun destinations

A number of fans told Adam that post-COVID-19 they plan on heading for a waterpark. Water, sunshine, and good fun seem highly desirable as a way of washing coronavirus blues away. And the younger generation can’t wait for a return to the schoolyard without masks and social distancing. But, that might be a long way away yet. Then, many people intend on throwing belated birthday parties.

It appears that most fans of Adam Busby simply dream of things everyone took for granted before the virus. What do you dream of doing? Sound off in the comments below.

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