Will Derek Hough And Hayley Erbert Finally Get Engaged Next Week?

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At the end of last night’s episode, Tyra Banks confirmed judge Derek Hough will take the stage next week. He hasn’t graced the Dancing With The Stars stage since 2017, but fans are sure he won’t miss a beat. His dance partner will be none other than his girlfriend, dancer Hayley Erbert. Fans can’t wait to see what adorable routine the couple comes up with.

“We are so excited,” Derek recently told ET. “Hayley and I are going to bring just classic, just passion, strength, Paso Doble, just authentic music I love. My favorite music to dance to is authentic Spanish music, you know? With the guitar, the drums and, you know, the strings and the violins. I had some musicians come in to play some things so we are excited. We come home and are, like, we need to ice. We have little ice parties at night when we go home.”

Hayley Erbert Has A Long Dance History Too

Dancing With The Stars fans are very familiar with Derek’s long dance history, but not everyone knows about Hayley’s. If you’re a So You Think You Can Dance fan too, you may remember her from Season 10. DWTS pros Jenna Johnson and Alan Bersten also competed that year. Hayley finished in the Top 6.

Catch one of her awesome routines here:

Derek and Hayley have been together since 2015. Many couples are calling it quits during quarantine, but he says they are stronger than ever before.

“By the way, I don’t believe any couple had ever spent that much time with each other consistently, it’s so unusual,” said Derek. “So, the fact that it’s made our relationship stronger is great. We started a YouTube channel, we cook together, we do arts and crafts and things, and it is always a good sign when you are very content to sit with someone on the couch and fall asleep with four animals next to you and be like, ‘This is great, I like this.'”

He also previously called Hayley the love of his life. Many fans wonder if Derek will pop the question after their performance next Monday.

Plenty Of Fans Already Hear Wedding Bells

However, this is a question Hayley and Derek get frequently. A few weeks ago, Hayley even posted a video making light of the situation.


At the end of the full-length video, Hayley and Derek joke if they get 500,00 subscribers, Derek will propose. In a nutshell, practically everyone thinks they need to get married.

If you can’t wait to see Derek and Hayley perform, make sure to tune in to Dancing With The Stars next week. Do you think this will be the moment Derek finally proposes? Sound off in the comments. We’re really curious to see what you think.

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