‘Shameless’ Season 11 Premiere Date Revealed, Ready To Say Goodbye?

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Fans of the Gallagher family have been eagerly waiting to know when the premiere date for Shameless Season 11 would be. As those who follow news related to the show know, Season 11 is also the grand finale of the Showtime hit series. So, it is sure to be an emotional one. Now, those who follow the official Shameless Instagram page probably felt their mouths hit the floor as they expelled a huge gasp today. Why? Well, because Showtime finally dropped the official premiere date for Season 11 of Shameless.

Now, this is bittersweet news as fans know this is the last new season premiere of Shameless we will ever get to enjoy. But, we are all looking forward to enjoying one final season of our favorite Gallagher family.

Showtime finally drops the Shameless Season 11 premiere date

Just when is the premiere date for Shameless Season 11? Well, according to the official Instagram account of the series you won’t have to wait too much longer. Just 20 minutes ago, the account revealed Season 11 of Shameless would premiere on December 6th.

“Don’t be sh*tty, we’re rolling,” the promo teased. The promo revealing the premiere date of the final season featured someone unrolling the last bit of toilet paper from a toilet paper roll. The network opted for a cheesy play on words and jested they were “rolling up” the series with one final season.


Inside of an hour, the post accumulated nearly 50,000 likes. And, over 500 fans took to the comments. Unsurprisingly, they were THRILLED by the good news. When COVID-19 delayed the production of Season 11, fans were not really sure if we were going to see the premiere during 2020. And, considering how awful this year has been for most… What better way to wrap up the year than with one last season of everyone’s favorite train wreck of a family?

Shanola Hampton has been documenting the behind-the-scenes.

If you don’t follow Shanola Hampton on Instagram, you probably should. She has been very generous with recording behind-the-scenes videos and photos from the final season. We also know they just wrapped up the final promo photo day. For those unfamiliar with that day, it is when the cast comes together to take all of the photos used to promote the season of the series.

A lot of extra precautions have gone into place to keep the cast safe during the pandemic. And, there is a rumor going around the pandemic will be worked into the final season. Shameless fans, however, aren’t sure how they feel about that rumor. Some think the pandemic could ruin the final season. Especially if Frank wears a mask!


That being said, most fans are just excited to have something to look forward to. So, are you thrilled we finally have a premiere date for Season 11 of Shameless? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts! And, mark your calendars for December 6th!

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