Did ‘The Grand Tour’s’ Scotland After Party Get Them Into Trouble?

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The Grand Tour trio, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were recently in the Scottish Highlands filming another episode of the Amazon Prime series. But, it appears that the former Top Gear stars got into a spot of trouble.

Is it true that the reality stars had an after-party at their Scottish hotel? Did they really break the stringent coronavirus quarantine rules? There are certainly a lot of rumors!

What do we know about the incident?

The Grand Tour Stars Accused Of Violating Quarantine Rules

Just last week, The Grand Tour completed filming an episode in Scotland. There were some persistent internet and tabloid rumors circulating that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were partying it up in Scotland. Right now, all hotels and venues are under strict coronavirus rules and quarantine measures. Did the trio violate the rules?

They say they did not. Even the Dark Island Hotel went to Facebook to assure everyone that “The Grand Tour have been exemplary in their approach to Covid-19.” The hotel, which is located in Liniclate, Isle of Benbecula, in the Outer Hebrides, also shared that the crew were all regularly tested for the coronavirus.

In addition, their entourage brought along their own catering service. This was to ensure that nothing could be cross contaminated. They really were determined to stay in their own bubble at the hotel and while filming.

While filming, they stayed six feet away from each other. And that is pretty hard when filming someone drive a vehicle through the Scottish highlands.

The Grand Tour’s Clarkson Found Rules Painful

According to Clarkson’s interview with the The Times, as reported by the Daily Express, The Grand Tour cast and crew had to rent their own plane to head up to the Scottish Highlands. On arrival to Edinburgh, they all had to test for Covid-19.

The quarantine measures also required that they take over an entire hotel, in order to keep everyone safe. But, while on tour in the Scottish Highlands, they did run into other people in show biz. But, Clarkson insists that they remained in their “bubble.” That means that he only hung out with The Grand Tour cast and crew. As tempted as the host was to hang with someone else, he stayed vigilant.

But, this made the whole episode cost a lot of money. Hopefully, Amazon has a big budget to make up for situations like this.

When Is Amazon Prime Dropping ‘Madagascar’ Episode?

Thanks to the coronavirus, Season 4 of the Amazon Prime show has only aired one episode, “Seamen.” When is episode 2 dropping? That episode takes place in Madagascar.

Already, there have been a couple of false hopes that the long awaited episode will drop. Right now, fans are just waiting for Amazon to make an announcement.

Meanwhile, The Grand Tour will need to find an even more remote filming location, as the second Covid wave is beginning to shut things down again.


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