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Adam Busby Offers Teasing Update On ‘OutDaughtered’ Season 8

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OutDaughtered fans have been begging and begging and begging Danielle and Adam Busby for an update or more information on the reality TV series. When is the show coming back on? When will we see new episodes? Does OutDaughtered Season 8 have a premiere date? Honestly, most assume Danielle and Adam Busby are probably a little overwhelmed by the constant badgering on their Instagram profiles.

Adam Busby offered a devastating update on the TLC series back in August.

Back in August, Adam Busby decided to respond to the constant when will Season 8 of OutDaughtered happen question that keeps popping up on his Instagram. Unfortunately, it really wasn’t an answer that anyone wanted. Adam Busby explained that the girls had just started school. And, they thought it would be too overwhelming for them to be filming new episodes of the show while kicking off school. He and Danielle wanted the girls to adjust to school before they resumed filming new episodes of the series.

While fans were pretty upset about this information. They did understand. And, they respected Adam and Danielle for putting the girls mental and physical health before the paycheck that comes with being on a reality TV show. If  the Busby family gets paid a set amount per episode per person in the family… They probably make pretty good money from the network.

The reality TV dad teases his followers about OutDaughtered Season 8.

Now, we still don’t have a premiere date for Season 8 of OutDaughtered or anything that big deal. But, we do have hope. Adam Busby just recently took to Instagram and revealed what appeared to be a confirmation that production for the TLC series has resumed.

In his Instagram post, he spilled that “Quinterviews” were currently taking place. In the hot seat at the moment the photo was taken was none other than Riley Paige. Adam Busby jested that Riley had a lot to say to the camera. The picture revealed multiple members of the production crew and production equipment in the room with Riley. She looked like she was more than happy to talk to the camera about whatever it was they were discussing.

Unsurprisingly, followers were here for the teasing OutDaughtered update.

Fans were thrilled to learn production of OutDaughtered has presumably resumed. And, they were elated to see a photo of Riley Paige.

“She is a good story teller hehe,” one follower gushed.

Another excitedly chimed in: “Can’t wait for the new season hope its soon!!!”

“Super excited to see.” A third gushed.

Here’s hoping TLC won’t take too long to give us fresh episodes of OutDaughtered! So, do you appreciate the update Adam Busby offered for the new season? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments!

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