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‘OutDaughtered’: Are The Quints’ Cousins Feeling Homesick?

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OutDaughtered fans heard that the Busbys currently host friends and family from Hurricanes Laura and Delta. With a house full of kids, the place seems busting at seams. But, Adam and Danielle seem well organized. And the quints seem delighted at the company. But these visiting cousins might be missing home. After all, it’s been a long time for little ones outside their comfort zones.

OutDaughtered Family offers shelter, quints’ cousins in Houston

In September, we reported that TLC fans “heard from Danielle, that Adam’s sister and her kids stay with them.” It came when they evacuated from Louisiana during Hurricane Laura. Since then a few more kids and friends also stayed with the family in Houston. While the quints seem like besties, maybe those kids feel outside of their comfort zone.

Even school breaks and vacations come to an end eventually. But, the family and friends that Danielle and Adam help out usually live in Louisiana. And, two hurricanes slammed the region recently. Fans seem grateful that Adam and Danielle are in a position to help with accommodation. But, little Evyn looked a bit out of sorts when the Outdaughtered family visited the Houston Zoo.

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GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! Our girls are lovin having their favorite“evacuees” live with them. It’s literally a girl party every day all day 💕 * if you are not aware of the damage Hurricane Laura did to Southwest Louisiana , please take a look at my previous post. Lake Charles (our home town) was hit so hard and has been catastrophic! It’s so sad because there has been no public news about the situation and there are so many people in need of support. Yall! LAKE CHARLES NEEDS HELP BAD! We are still accepting donations at @heist_hair_bar until Sept 12th. For full list of what the Lake Charles family are needed, please see previous post. XOXO 😘 #lakecharlesstrong #hurricanelaura #lovethyneighbor #texasstrong #itsabuzzworld

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Busbys visit the zoo

On Monday, October 12, the family took advantage of the federal holiday and went to the zoo. Both Adam and Danielle posted up photos. But, fans noticed that little cousin Evyn looked a bit down. Of course, a day out with so many other kids might have made her feel a bit tired out. But, she looks rather sad, fans think. So maybe she feels a bit homesick.

The OutDaughtered mom shared a photo of their six kids and three others. And, standing on one side in a cute blue dress, cousin Evyn just stood there. With no hint of a smile on the sweet little face, some fans thought she showed a “mood.” But perhaps, with her life all topsy-turvy, she just wants to go home. And, that’s understandable. But, it could take some time before that happens because of the hurricane damage in Lake Charles.

Fans hope cousin Evyn’s okay

One fan wrote, “Who’s the little girl in blue dress… not having much fun😂….” Well, another fan explained that the girl’s the “kids’ cousin.” Then, an OutDaughtered fan noted, “The little girl in blue is my favorite#mood😉.” And another person observed, “How fun! Someone needs to give little Evyn a hug.” More comments came, and a person asked, “Why does evyn look sad?” Next, a follower suggested that she looks a bit down and might be “missing home.”

If  Evyn’s feeling a bit down, well, maybe it’s with good reason. After all, she’s safe with the Busby kids, but, it’s still not home. The CDC noted that with natural disasters, “mental health plays an important role in physical health, school performance,” and more. “Therefore, it is important to keep children physically and mentally safe during and after a disaster.” And, right now, the OutDaughtered family does everything they can to help out the displaced family.

Cousin Evyn’s safe and loved

Evn’s safe. She’s with family who love her. And, she never got hurt by the hurricanes. But kids just love their daily routines at home. So, maybe she feels a little outside of her comfort zone right now. Then, again, Evyn might just be tuckered out from all the adventures with the Busby kids. All that fans of OutDaughtered can do right now, is hope that soon, Louisiana recovers from the devastation of the hurricanes. And, keep the whole family in their prayers.

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