Emily in Paris Blasted

‘Emily In Paris’ Blasted By French Critics For Its ‘Proud Cultural Ignorance’

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Since launching on Netflix, Emily in Paris has garnered a ton of attention Both negative and positive. The show, featuring Lily Collins as the titular character, has been the talk of social media since it launched.

Some of that talk has been by fans who truly love the series. Then there’s all the talk about how wrong it gets things.

There’s no doubt that a decent chunk of American audiences enjoyed Season 1 of Emily in Paris. The Hollywood Reporter review called the Netflix original,  “strikingly watchable.”  However, French critics weren’t as kind.

Charles Martin of Premiere summed up the problems with the show.

 “[In Emily in Paris] we learn that the French are ‘all bad’ (yes, yes), that they are lazy and never arrive at the office before the end of the morning, that they are flirtatious and not really attached to the concept of loyalty, that they are sexist and backward, and of course, that they have a questionable relationship with showering. Yes, no cliché is spared, not even the weakest.”

Other critics took notice of statements the show made such as “going to work is optional” for Parisians. They called some of the ideas “science fiction.” That included the theory that all French people are able to make love for hours.

‘Emily in Paris’ Complaints Keep Rolling In

The French website RTL called the program “dismissive” of Parisian culture. “Rarely had we seen so many clichés on the French capital since the Parisian episodes of Gossip Girl or the end of The Devil Wears Prada.

It isn’t just the storylines that have French critics and viewers up in arms. Some of the most scathing comments involve Collins’ and her castmates’ acting.

However, the biggest issue with the show is what critics called a “proud cultural ignorance.” The stereotypical view of Paris bothered American viewers as well.

Those who aren’t fans of Emily in Paris all say mostly the same thing. The series is an idealized version of what a young girl’s picture of France looks like.

Others have an issue with how Collins’ character suddenly became an uber-popular social media personality. Still others don’t like that the show’s protagonist isn’t a very good person.

Some Cast Members Understand The Complaints

One member of the Emily in Paris cast understands the criticism. He might be uniquely suited to do so. Lucas Bravo is a french model and actor who comes at the situation from a different viewpoint.

In a recent interview, he said the critics have a point. He said the series shows on side of French culture. He added he hopes that changes in coming seasons.

“Paris is one of the most diverse cities in the world. We have so many ways of thinking, so many different nationalities, so many different neighborhoods.”

Have you streamed Emily In Paris on Netflix yet? Chime in with your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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