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Joy Duggar Forsyth, Counting On

Since the arrival of Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s baby girl, they have been sharing sweet pictures of their kids. Their social media pages are filled with cute pictures of each of the kids individually and photos of the kids together too. Gideon, 2, already seems to love being a big brother to Evelyn, 1 month.

Joy and Austin recently had professional photos taken of their little family. Over the weekend, Austin and Joy each shared a few photos from the photoshoot. It’s possible that the photographer will also share some of the pictures on her professional page, but she has yet to do so. For now, Counting On fans are gushing over the few pictures of the family.

Joy shared three pictures. One is of all four of them, another is of herself with Evelyn, and the last one is of Austin and Gideon. Austin shared two photos. In the first one, the whole family is sitting in the grass. In the second picture, Joy is holding Evelyn while Austin throws Gideon into the air. While many Duggar fans think the pictures are beautiful, they’re concerned about how high Austin is throwing Gideon.

Joy writes, “They help me remember what life was like and they remind me to cherish every moment because time passes too quickly.” She adds that the pictures fully captured each family member’s personality too.

In the pictures, Joy is wearing a pale pink dress, and her hair is loosely curled. Austin is wearing a chambray button down shirt with gray pants. Gideon wears a gray henley with jeans. Of course, little Evelyn’s outfit is what fans love the most. She’s wearing a white dress with floral embroidered detailing and a light pink bow to match her mom’s dress.

Duggar fans love the new pictures

In response to the pictures, Joy and Austin’s little family is getting lots of love. Fans think the photos are well done, and they like to see little updates from the family. One fan writes, “Gideon is just the happiest boy I have ever seen! So adorable all of you!

Joy’s sister Jessa Seewald commented and said that the family is beautiful.

Once again, fans are pointing out that Evelyn looks just like her dad. Fans think that Gideon and Evelyn are both Austin’s twins. But, since they are still young, it’s possible that they will look more like Joy soon.

You can see all the photos here:

So, what do you think of the family photos? Share your thoughts below.

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