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Kristen Bell Shares Emotional Goodbye To Dog Barbara

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Kristen Bell hasn’t been having a great time of it lately. Over the weekend, The Good Place and Gossip Girl star shared some emotional news. The family’s dog, Barbara passed away.

US Weekly reports Kristen shared a number of posts, documenting how the family said goodbye. In one Instagram story, the actor talked about what happened to Barbara.

“Our beautiful @barbarabiscuits got sick this weekend,” Kristen captioned a photo of the pup. “Vet diagnosed Giardia, and it looked like for a while like Barb was gonna pull through. Even though Barb is a (gorgeous) fighter, shes gone septic and her lil body doesn’t look like it’s gonna pull through.”

Not long after, she posted another selfie in the story. This one showed the actor on the final day with her beloved pooch. “On our way now to say goodbye,” she wrote. “Trying to stay super grateful for the 2 years we got to spoil her like the Queen that she is.”

Another shared photo showed her daughter petting Barbara while the dog was hooked up to tubes. That picture was captioned simply, “we love you Barbara.”

The Veronica Mars alum also thanked the people who “brought her into our lives.” Kristen gave a shoutout to The Dog Cafe in Los Angeles in the process.

Kristen Bell And her Challenging Fall

The loss of her beloved dog is just the latest blow to the family. Last month, husband Dax Shepard announced he suffered an opioid relapse. Shepard claimed he’d been sober for over a decade.

In the process of revealing his addiction struggles, Dax said an August slip was his second in his 16-year attempts at sobriety. The latest relapse occurred after a motorcycle accident in August. Dax previously took drugs in 2013, following the loss of his father.

A source told Us Weekly that Kristen is nothing but supportive.

“Eventually, he couldn’t hide it from her any longer and he had to come clean,” the insider claimed. “She was nothing but supportive and there’s no blame or anger on her side — just love, care and determination to get through this together. Her heart aches for Dax after what he went through with his dad, and she’s beyond proud of him for turning his life around whilst openly addressing his demons head-on.”

After Dax’s admission, Kristen shared a touching post showing he and their other dog, Frank chilling in bed together.

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My 2 favorite guys.💜 Cc @packlife_la

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A Focus On Others

One way in which Kristen Bell seems to be dealing with her bumps in the road is trying to spread happiness to others. She routinely uses her social media posts to shine a light on others who are struggling.

She gives out Hello Bello bundles to families she feels could use a little help. Kristen also gets her followers to offer those families words of encouragement in the process.

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