Fan Bashes Jinger Vuolo For Wearing Mask In Baby Bump Photo

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Jinger Duggar Vuolo treated her followers to a 34 week pregnancy baby bump update. The photo featured a glowing mama-to-be as she cradled that precious cargo with her arm and hand. As if this picture of her baby bump wasn’t enough, Jinger took to Instagram AGAIN less than 12 hours ago. And, she shared ANOTHER baby bump photo.

Jinger Vuolo treats fans to a second baby bump snap.

Now, the second baby bump snap that hit Jinger Vuolo’s profile appeared to be more of a candid shop. Jinger looked to be out and about. And, she was carrying a pumpkin!

Jinger was bundled up for the chillier weather. But, she had a long jacket on that was unzipped. She wore a snug grey shirt underneath that put her baby bump on display.

Because she was out and about, Jinger was wearing a surgical face mask to keep both herself and her growing bundle of joy safe from COVID-19. Unfortunately, the face masks seem to be a “d*mned if you do and d*mned if you don’t” situation for the Duggar family.

We already know fans are constantly giving members of the Duggar family grief for not wearing a mask. But, it turns out, some fans took issue with Jinger Vuolo wearing a face mask in this particular snap.

Why are fans having a problem with her face mask?

Turns out, criticizing Jinger Vuolo for wearing a face mask isn’t coming from a nasty, negative place. In fact, it sounds like some of her followers are just concerned. They are concerned she is going to look back at these baby bump photos one day… And, she is going to regret not being able to see her face in any of them.

“You can’t even take your mask off for a pic? No ones around you but a pumpkin lol. Imagine being a child and all the pics of your parents are wearing a mask so you don’t have any pics of their actual face,” one follower questioned in the comments. Now, the comment was liked over two dozen times. So, at least some of Jinger’s other followers felt the same way.

Most fans were vocal about the face mask being important

The comment also accumulated nearly 100 responses. So, it was certainly something her fans wanted to discuss.

One individual fired back: “So rude. Maybe she wanted the mask on to commemorate the times. If she didn’t have one on people would complain that she wasn’t wearing one.”

“It’s called we’re in a pandemic and she’s pregnant and being safe,” another agreed.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

A third added: “Ah yessss. Because all the pictures one takes are on IG. Thought no one ever but you.”

“Then if she doesn’t wear a mask she is going to complaint too. You right she is pregnant and being safe. People just like to make everything big just because she is doing what she supposed to do wear a [mask].” A fourth pointed out.

The original person who posted the critical comment doubled down on their thoughts. They noted depriving the baby of oxygen was way more damaging compared to not wearing a mask.

So, is the face mask in Jinger Vuolo’s baby bump snap an issue? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

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