Austin Forsyth Attacked For Throwing Gideon: ‘That’s Too High’

Austin Forsyth

Counting On stars Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar are settling into their new life as a family of four with their son Gideon, 2, and their daughter Evelyn Mae, 7 weeks. It appears the Forsyths recently had some family photos taken. Both Austin and his wife Joy-Anna shared different photos from the shoot on their profiles. Joy-Anna shared three different photos on her profile. And, Austin shared two more photos (that were different from Joy’s) on his own profile.

More details on the gorgeous family photos.

Over the weekend, Joy-Anna and her husband Austin shared five different photos on their Instagram accounts. We can only assume the photos were taken by a professional as the parents posed in the field with their children. The spectacular photos were perfectly timed as the sun appeared to be setting in the background.

Joy-Anna Duggar looked angelic in a soft pink maxi dress with long sleeves. Austin paired well with his wife rocking a blue denim button-up shirt and a pair of khaki pants.

The first photo on Joy-Anna’s profile features all four members of the family. She has Gideon wrapped up in her arms while her husband holds their newborn. They both give loving gazes in the direction of their son who has his thumb in his mouth. The second snap on Joy-Anna’s profile just featured the mama and her newborn. She had Evelyn Mae wrapped in her arms while planting a kiss on top of her head.

The third (and final) picture on Joy’s profile featured Austin and Gideon. Austin had Gideon sitting on his shoulders. He held on to both of Gideon’s hands. He gazed over his shoulder at his son. They both had huge grins on their faces.

Austin Forsyth only had two photos on his profile.

The first photo on Austin’s profile featured all four family members sitting in the field. Joy-Anna had their newborn resting on her legs as she held Evelyn up for the photo. Austin had one arm wrapped around Gideon who was sitting in the field beside his daddy. Both Austin and Joy-Anna gazed lovingly at Evelyn when the photo was snapped.

The second photo featured Joy-Anna standing behind Austin. She had Evelyn cradled in her arms. Gideon looked like he was flying in the photo. It was snapped after Austin tossed his son up in the air. Both Austin and Joy-Ann were looking up at Gideon as he floated in the air.

Unfortunately, fans took issue with Austin’s second photo.

These were very sweet family photos of Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar. For the most part, fans really enjoyed getting to see them. But, they quickly became uncomfortable with Autstin’s second photo. They thought it was awful dangerous to throw Gideon so high just for the sake of taking a fun photo. A few noted this wasn’t the type of photo most photographers would even be willing to take because of how dangerous it is. Some questioned if it might be edited because Gideon seemed to be unrealistically high.

Austin Forsyth did have some followers come to his defense. They argued his son would only be small for a period of time. And, people needed to let him just enjoy tossing his son around while he was small enough that he could do so. Several even started referring to the negative trolls as “Karens.” A few admitted they knew the negative comments would roll in when they saw the snap of him throwing Gideon into the air.


So, did the photo of Austin throwing Gideo into the air make you uncomfortable? Sound off in the comments.
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