Who Would ‘Below Deck’ Alum Kate Chastain Date From Bravo?

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Kate Chastain played a special game of “Marry, Date, Ditch” on a special edition of Bravo’s Confessions. The Below Deck alum sat down for an exclusive interview with Us Weekly. She’s been enjoying her time on her new talk show. During the half-hour show, Kate talks to her Bravo friends about pop culture events.

As fans know, Kate loves to give her opinion on her favorite Bravo stars. She is known for her wit and candor. So, the talk show was the perfect venture for her. While Kate is no longer on Below Deck, she’s still very much part of the Bravo universe. Speaking of which, she revealed which man from Southern Charm she would date.

Kate Chastain plays a G-rated game of “Marry, Ditch, Date”

The former Below Deck crew member willingly played the classic schoolyard game that had a Southern Charm twist. The 37-year-old had to choose among Austen Kroll, Craig Conover, and Shep Rose. From there, Kate revealed who she would marry, date, and ditch. She also recalled her hilarious encounter with Austen.

At first, he didn’t get her sarcastic sense of humor. But she left a memorable impression on him.

“Austen and I had a little moment at BravoCon where he asked me what show I was on and I told him, Housewives of Thailand, and he was, like, ‘Really, Seriously?’ [He] believed me,” Kate told Us Weekly. “Since then he had a good laugh about it, and he had a good sense of humor about it.

When it comes to marriage, Kate said she would choose Craig simply because of his sewing skills.

“Marry Craig, because I love throw pillows,” the television personality responded. “I’ve never met a throw pillow I did not have to buy. Obviously, we’re soulmates. Date Austen. Ditch Shep. ”

As for her other Bravo crushes, Kate revealed she loves Million Dollar Listing New York’s Steve Gold. She also thinks Kyle Richards’ husband, Mauricio Umansky, is a catch as well. But since they’re both married men, they’re only a fun “fantasy” for Kate. She also exclaimed that Sonja Morgan is her favorite Housewife of all time.

Below Deck alum reveals her Housewives tagline

Kate would join a Real Housewives franchise — but only if she was asked. Back in February, she announced her departure from Below Deck. Kate felt that her age played a factor in yachting. She no longer felt passionate in her position as a chief stew. This also comes after a turbulent Season 7 on the show. But that doesn’t mean Kate wouldn’t make a return to reality TV again.

“It’s pretty much like Below Deck. You get to drink and talk about the people on the show in confessionals without the work,” Kate explained before adding, “… and you don’t have to wear a uniform, [so] that sounds great.”


However, Kate would “maybe” be a friend of The Real Housewives of New York since she now lives there. She made the move from Florida after announcing her exit from Below Deck. As for her tagline, she would have to execute it since she thought of it when she worked in the yachting industry.

“My old tagline used to be: I may have a resting b*** face, but that’s the only part of me that’s ever resting,” Kate joked. “But since I stopped yachting, I’m doing a lot of resting.”

Bravo’s Chat Room airs Sunday night, October 11 at 10:30 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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