Jana Kramer Family Vacation Scrutinity Amid COVID-19?

Jana Kramer

Without a doubt, doing anything amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is difficult. Being in the public eye makes it that much more difficult, learns Jana Kramer.

Jana Kramer and family go on vacation.

Remarkably, One Tree Hill alumni, Jana Kramer, and her husband, Mike Caussin, took their young children on vacation this week. According to an interview with US Weekly, this vacation is the first time Jolie, 4, and Jace, 22 months, have left the house in seven months.

Rightfully so, Jana Kramer explains that she doesn’t want to be “in a car for 12 hours with two toddlers.” She goes on to say, “I’m adult enough to wash my hands, wear masks and take precautions. …We did it safely, but also sane.” Consequently, she goes on to give kudos to the airlines and airports. Kramer raves, “The airlines and airports were all doing a great job today, so if I want to get on a plane with my kids, then I’m going to do that.” Seemingly to get ahead of the haters, Kramer tells US Weekly, “And I sprayed their hands a million times.”


Cutely, Jana Kramer captions the family vacation photo with the hashtag #jolieselfie. Remarkably, little Jolie does a great job capturing the family of four. However, Jace is not wearing a mask. While most comments under the post are supportive, US Weekly reports that Kramer receives flack for Jace not wearing a mask. Luckily, she explains, “Jace is luckily under 2, so he doesn’t have to.” Kramer goes on to explain, “Or we wouldn’t have come. We just all needed it, honestly. ANd we rented an Airbnb, so we feel isolated but still about to be in a new place, etc.” Additionally, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) advises that children younger than 2 not wear masks due to the danger of suffocation.

How is this vacation different?

Additionally, Jana Kramer validates the necessity for this trip. She explains that normally when she travels with the kids, she has to work. She says, “This time, no work, and all fun.” Seemingly trying to stave off the haters, she says, “And COVID or not, I’m still that crazy lady that wipes down every seat nook and cranny.”  Luckily, there seems to be much more support than hate on the post. One follower even writes, “I did the same thing on our flight to Disney three weeks ago! I wouldn’t let the kids touch anything until I wiped it down.”

After successfully navigating airplanes and airports, the mother of two posts photos of her and Jolie making sand angels. The next photo is husband, Mike Caussin, and son, Jace, looking on skeptically. With clear beaches and blue waters in the background, it seems that Kramer has this COVID vacation under control.


Have you traveled since coronavirus? Unfortunately, many stars seemed to get bashed for going on vacation during COVID. However, it seems that there are plenty of ways to safely vacation during this on-going pandemic. Stay tuned to TV Shows Ace for more television news.


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