Happy Birthday, Mackynzie Duggar! How Old Is She?

Anna and Mackynzie Duggar

On Thursday, Mackynzie Duggar celebrated her birthday. She’s the eldest daughter of Josh and Anna Duggar, and she’s Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s first grandchild. So, how old is she, and how did she celebrate her special day?

Mackynzie is now 11 years old. She was born in 2009. To celebrate Mackynzie’s birthday, Josh and Anna took their children to a bike park. In addition to Mackynzie, the couple shares Michael, Marcus, Meredith, Mason, and Maryella.

Anna shares special birthday message

On Instagram Thursday night, Mackynzie’s mom Anna shared a heartfelt message to her daughter. She writes, “Mackynzie has a love for learning and she is such an amazing young lady. She is a radiant blessing to everyone around her, she loves others and she loves Jesus! We are so blessed to have her as our oldest kiddo! 🎈👧🏻 It is hard to believe she is already 11 years old!

She also shared several pictures of the birthday celebration. One picture is of Anna and Mackynzie together. Another photo is of Mackynzie enjoying a cup of ice cream as a special birthday treat.

Anna shared a video in the same Instagram post too. The kids seem to enjoy riding their bikes at the park.

Duggar fans wish Mackynzie a happy birthday

In response to Anna’s post, fans are chiming in to send their best wishes to Mackynzie. Anna’s social media posts gain a lot of attention, as she has almost 1 million followers on Instagram. Fans can’t believe how grown up Mackynzie is. Because she is the first grandchild, many Duggar fans remember her being born. They feel like time has gone by very quickly.


In addition to fans commenting on the post, Carlin Bates of Bringing Up Bates left a comment. Plus, Mackynzie’s aunt Jana commented too.

Fans are always excited to see new photos of Anna and the kids. While Anna shares on social media regularly, the pictures and videos are of her children most of the time. While fans like to see the kids, they enjoy seeing pictures of Anna and knowing that she’s doing well.

The Duggar family social media pages have yet to share a post for Mackynzie’s birthday. But, they typically wish each of their children, in-laws, and grandchildren a happy birthday. So, perhaps they will share a special message to Mackynzie at a later time.

So, can you believe that Mackynzie is already 11 years old? Leave a comment below.

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