Hannah Berner Exposes ‘Below Deck Med’ Star Rob Westergaard

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Apparently, Below Deck Med star Rob Westergaard is a ladies man. It seems like he’s dated a lot of women within the Bravo universe. Currently, fans are seeing his relationship with third stew Jessica More on Season 5 of Below Deck Meditteranean. Since their boatmance, he’s been making the rounds.

Summer House star Hannah Berner exposed Rob. During Monday night’s episode of Bravo’s Chat Room, she told her co-hosts that Rob messaged her on a dating app. She continued to spill the “tea” on their connection. Hannah claimed that Rob lied about them “talking.” According to her, she never talked to the model.

Hannah Berner spills the “tea” on Rob Westergaard

On Monday, October 5, Hannah spoke to co-hosts Gizelle Bryant, Kate Chastain, and Porsha Williams about the Below Deck Med hunk. According to the Summer House star, he slid into her DMs. But she wasn’t interested. Rob claims they’re “talking,” but she didn’t even respond to his message.

“I have some Rob tea. Rob messaged during quarantine on a dating app, and I didn’t respond,” Hannah said. “He goes on Watch What Happens Live and Andy Cohen says, ‘Do you know Hannah Berner? Do you have a connection with her?'”

During that interview, Rob claimed they were “talking and there’s no connection.” Hannah shut down Rob’s story, telling her co-hosts, “We have not been talking, honey!”

“No one spoke to you ever, and no one will,” she added.

Rob made a previous appearance on WWHL in July. Andy asked Rob about his dating life.


“Is it true you slid into Hannah’s DMs?” Andy asked, according to a fan question.

“No, her and I were chatting,” Rob simply stated.

The Below Deck Med star claimed there was no “love connection” between them. During his next appearance on WWHL in September, he claimed he was still in love with Jessica. But the couple is no longer together. Viewers continue to see their relationship fall apart on this season of Below Deck Mediterranean.

Madison Stalker dated Below Deck Med star

The former stew from Below Deck Sailing Yacht opened up about her relationship with Rob. She noticed her experience was similar to Jessica’s experience on The Wellington. Their romance ended as quickly as it started. Rob slid into her DMs around April or May 2020.

Once Rob and Madison started talking, their relationship blossomed quickly. Madison revealed that he even met her friends and family. “And I haven’t dated anyone or been this emotionally invested in someone in years,” she added.


The couple even started making plans for the future. Madison trusted Rob and was hurt when he ended things so quickly. He told her he was going to message her after his interview. And then, she didn’t hear from him for a couple of weeks.

“Because you think about all these futures with this person who you are giving a lot of your energy and time to and all of a sudden he was literally regurgitating the same s*** to multiple women while he was with you,” Madison said. “And all about you. I felt completely and utterly used.”

Rob continues to be a heartbreaker while failing to acknowledge the feelings for the women he’s hurt.

Below Deck Med airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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