Does Amy Roloff Have A Hoarding Problem? Fans Think So

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LPBW fans seem to think Amy Roloff might have an issue with hoarding. As those who are watching Season 21 know, the Little People, Big World star recently decided to move off the Roloff Farms. The problem? She’d lived there for decades. Unsurprisingly, packing up and moving somewhere new isn’t easy.

Now, the unfortunate downside to reality TV is we already know Amy Roloff was successful at moving away. Thanks to the gap in when the show airs and reality. But, we are currently watching the drama of Amy moving and deciding whether to keep or sell her portion of the property.

Does Amy Roloff have a hoarding problem?

We saw Matt Roloff discuss Amy moving with his girlfriend Caryn. And, LPBW fans noticed Amy seemed to have a significant amount of possessions scattered all over the home. Unfortunately, this caused some fans to accuse Amy of hoarding. Now, we can’t forget Amy has lived on this property for decades. She raised multiple children here. So, it would make sense for her to have accumulated a lot of stuff. The question is… Did she have a packrat/hoarding issue?

Turns out, it is a specific conversation Matt had with Caryn that brought the subject up.

On October 3rd, TLC released a short clip of Matt and his girlfriend Caryn chatting about Amy moving out. Caryn wanted to know if the farmhouse was cleaned out. The question made Matt laugh. Why? Well, because it wasn’t even close. He proceeded to describe Amy’s possessions scattered everywhere.

And, the way Matt described it? Well, it sounded like there were items all over the floor and couch. It certainly sounded like he was describing the home of someone with a hoarding problem.

Just how bad is the alleged hoarding?

Well, Matt seemed to think Amy Roloff needed to hire a team to assist her in packing and moving everything out of the house.

Little People, Big World viewers could tell Caryn Chandler was getting frustrated with the topic of conversation. Fans knew Matt’s girlfriend was ready for this to be over. Ready for Amy to move out. Moreover, she didn’t really seem to care for Matt having to be so involved. In fact, she said it made it feel like she was sharing Matt with Amy. She said it felt like he was still married to her.

“Oh, there’s stuff?” Caryn asked in the clip.

Everywhere. One couch is full of China cups, you know? On the ground there’s just a sea of vases, candle sticks.”

Caryn asked if Amy said she was working on it. Or, that she would “get it done.” Matt answered that was not the case. In fact, Amy seemed to be defensive about the whole moving situation. And, he was trying to be patient.

But, when was enough, enough? When did he get to put his foot down? When did being patient start to cause problems for him? These were issues he struggled with.

Being embarrassed about her mess or the condition of her home was certainly a quality of someone with a hoarding issue.

This topic has come up before over the years.

As we previously reported, Amy Roloff caught heat from her cooking videos on Instagram. Her followers criticized her gross cooking habits. And, her unsanitary cooking environment. Fans noted that she licked her fingers while cooking. And, again, they accused her of hoarding.

Fans have also recently accused Amy of procrastinating.

So, do you think LPBW star Amy Roloff could have a hoarding issue? Sound off in the comments!

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