Amanda Stanton Daughter's Elbow

‘Bachelor’ Star Amanda Stanton Praises Her Daughter’s Handling A Broken Elbow

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Bachelor alum Amanda Stanton dealt with a bit of a family tragedy earlier this week. Luckily, the tragedy was short-lived and everyone came out the other end swimmingly.

According to US Weekly, the reality television star posted a new Instagram story detailing an incident. Her daughter, Charlie broke her elbow, after jumping on the bed and subsequently, falling off.

The fracture required surgery. However, Amanda said the younger Stanton dealt with everyone quite well.

“She’s been SO strong and handling it better than I ever could,” Amanda said. “Went to urgent care last night around 7 p.m. and they sent us to the ER. Then we were transported to [the Children’s Hospital of Orange County] around 2 a.m. so she could have surgery here this morning.”

The mother of two gushed about Charlie’s dealing with the issue. Amanda said her daughter isn’t in “too much pain.” Charlie also apparently loves her cast. The youngun even decorated it the way she wanted, in order to pretty it up.

Later on, Amanda shared footage of Charlie coming home. The child sat in the back of the car with a plethora of fast food and candy.

While Amanda admitted the incident scared her, she continued talking about how happy she felt that Charlie dealt with everything so well. The Bachelor alum expressed relief the situation wasn’t worse. In fact, the reality star claimed her daughter dealt with the break better than she would have dealt with a similar injury.

‘Bachelor’ Alum Deals With A Parent’s Nightmare

Remember when you were told not to jump on your bed as child? Charlie Stanton demonstrated exactly why parents the world over yell at us when they find us doing it.

Parenting is always degrees of difficulty. Things are especially complicated from time to time considering Amanda is a single parent.

There was a time when the Bachelor alum claimed she and her ex-husband Nick Buonfiglio co-parented. She said their relationship was one of cooperation.

Not long after that interview, she admitted the picture wasn’t as rosy as she first painted it.

“I say we do [get along] because I truly wish we did and have always wanted to portray the image that we co-parent well, but I think it’s OK, to be honest and to admit that we just don’t,” the esthetician clarified in June. “I’m going to be honest because maybe it will help other single parents feel better if they’re in the same boat.”

Soldiering On

For his part, Buonfiglio told the media last year the former couple is “constantly” working on cooperating in their parenting. It’s not clear if he was notified about Charlie’s accident. Amanda shared quite a few shots of her and her daughter in the aftermath but he wasn’t present in those pics.

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