‘Bachelor’ Alum Lesley Anne Murphy Makes Big Move, Shares Pregnancy Details

Lesley Anne Murphy via Instagram

Bachelor alum Lesley Anne Murphy is having a better 2020 than most. She’s been having life changing moments and they just keep coming. Earlier this year, Lesley announced her engagement to Alex Kavanagh. Then, she went to social media to share a huge move. And, when fans couldn’t be happier for her, she announced her first pregnancy. Now, she’s sharing about her move and all the details about her little miracle.

Lesley moved to Arkansas

Lesley and Alex made a huge move. They packed up everything in Los Angeles and moved to Arkansas. She went to Instagram to share the news with fans. She said, “After 1,800 miles, 3 very full days of driving and 1 car packed to the brim, we’ve made it to our next home!♥️”

After tossing around a few states, including Colorado, the couple decided to move closer to Lesley’s family. They moved to Arkansas. She said, “In the end, I will never ever regret spending more time near family and having our baby in the Natural State. Still cannot believe I found a man who willingly and loving said yes to this plan.”

Now that they have moved to their new home, they can focus on getting things ready for their new baby.


She shared tons of details about her pregnancy

Lesley went to her blog, The Road Less Traveled, to share all the details about her baby. The mom-to-be and Alex shared her due date is March 2, 2021. They also said they already know the gender and will be sharing that information soon.

And, she shared during her first trimester she couldn’t eat Salmon and she craved donuts and Pinkberry frozen yogurt. The first trimester she was lucky to not have experienced morning sickness. However, she was exhausted and felt extremely bloated.

Lesley also shared what she enjoys the most about pregnancy and also what the worst part is.  She said feeling the baby kick is amazing and she loves it. While she is proud of what her body is capable of, Lesley did admit it’s hard to succumb to the growing belly and relinquish control.

She’s excited for this time in her life. Lesley said Covid postponed their wedding, which was supposed to be this week. However, they are looking at the pregnancy as their way of taking back control from the virus. And, she laughs at anyone who dares tries to judge them for not being married yet. Certain things can’t be helped and they can’t wait to be married.

Since Alex is Australian, Lesley also shared their baby will have dual citizenship. She plans on living the life she’s always dreamed of. Lesley will continue to travel as the pandemic and her pregnancy allow her to. Then, their little bundle of joy will accompany them on their trips.

Stay tuned for more updates from Lesley as her pregnancy progresses.


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