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Josh Duggar Loses His Latest Legal Battle

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Have you wondered what Josh Duggar is up to lately? It isn’t good news. If you’re a hardcore Duggar fan, you probably heard the rumors about his living situation.

According to reports Josh, Anna, and their six kids are now living in a warehouse on the Duggar family’s property. More recently, he just lost a legal battle over an illegal land claim. Josh allegedly owes thousands of dollars in legal fees, and that’s going to be hard to pay off for someone in his financial situation.

Josh Duggar’s Company Bought A Property … But There’s A Catch

You may not be entirely filled in on this most recent legal battle. Last year, Carl Echols sued Josh Duggar for quiet title. In a nutshell, this is a lawsuit to establish someone’s title to property and moves to silence any other claims to the title.

In this case, the property was a five-acre piece of land that Echols claimed he purchased from a family member in 2006. Echols alleges he got a bill of sale from the family member and lived on it for several years. But here’s where it gets a little messy.

The family member failed to properly file the paperwork, so Echols didn’t receive property tax notices for several years. Echols did eventually find out about the tax situation but received a nasty shock when he went to pay them. His family member already paid the taxes and then proceeded to sell the property to Josh Duggar’s company.

Echols’s attorney managed to prove that he also paid the taxes, which bore the lawsuit. Echols’s attorney claimed that his family member had no authority to sell the land, and therefore Josh Duggar had no authority to buy it.

The courts ruled in favor of Carl Echols, which did not bode well at all for Josh Duggar. Even though Josh was personally dropped from the lawsuit, his company remained as the defendant and is responsible for the legal fees. Arkansas court documents reveal the company now owes $5,000.

The Problems Keep Coming For This Branch Of The Family

Josh Duggar’s branch of the family has certainly faced a lot of problems over the years. He had a bright political career ahead of him, until the sexual assault scandals surfaced.

Cafe Mom previously reported that Josh and Anna Duggar don’t exactly have much of a net worth compared to the rest of the family. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are reportedly worth $3.5 million. Many fans assume that they would take care of any financial problems Josh’s family had.

What do you think of Josh’s situation? Do you feel sorry for him, or do you think this is a case of getting your just desserts? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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