Watch Riley & Hazel Head To The Dentist With Danielle Busby

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Taking all five quints (and Blayke) to the dentist for a checkup at the same time would be a nightmare for Adam and Danielle Busby. So, they break the girls up and take turns taking groups of them. According to a recent Instagram update, we know it was finally Riley and Hazel’s turn to head to the dentist for a check-up. The Busby parents took to their official It’s a Buzz World account to share the dental trip. And, Danielle shared a series of short video clips from the dental checkup on her Instagram Stories.

All six Busby girls have now been to the dentist.

On their It’s a Buzz World account, the Busby parents confirm all six of their girls have now had their dental checkups. Hazel and Riley’s appointments ended up getting pushed back a bit. OutDaughtered fans can only assume the scheduling issues were because of a combination of Hurricane Laura and the tropical storms that followed shortly after.

Danielle Busby revealed on her Instagram Stories that the quints favorite part of a dental checkup is picking a toothpaste flavor. She showed the girls being presented with a huge basket of flavors that they get to look through and pick what they would like.

Danielle Busby Instagram

And, what did the girls choose? According to the captions on the Instagram Stories, Hazel Busby settled on mint chocolate toothpaste. And Riley went with sugar cookie. Yum!

Danielle and Adam explained the shirts on Instagram.

Turns out, this week is spirit week at the girls school. So, that was the reason they were wearing “Team Hazel” and “Team Riley” t-shirts. Today was wear your favorite team shirt. And, ironically enough, the Busby parents admit these were the only team shirts the quints had in their closets.

What better team to be on then supporting yourself? Fans were certainly here for the quint team shirts! And, they were thrilled to see such a beautiful photo of RiRi and Hazel.

For the most part, the comments seemed to be a collection of fans declaring whether they were Team Riley or Team Hazel. A few gushed about how big and old the girls looked. One noted how pretty Hazel was these days. Overall, there wasn’t a negative comment anywhere.

Fortunately, it seems like the dental appointment went alright! And, it was just a routine check-up. So, there’s no real cause for concern. What flavor toothpaste would you choose? Tell us in the comments! And, stick with us for the latest Busby related news!

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