Netflix’s ‘Operation Christmas Drop’ Stars Kat Graham, Filmed In Guam!

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Netflix Christmas is ready to roll and Operation Christmas Drop is dropping on Thursday, November 5. Kat Graham (Vampire Diaries), Alexander Ludwig (Vikings) and Virginia Madsen (Swamp Thing) star in this holiday rom-com, filming on a military base. In fact, this is the first time a movie has been filmed in Guam.

What do we know?

What Is Operation Christmas Drop About?

According to People, Career-minded congressional aide, Erica Miller (Graham), sacrifices her own family Christmas. Instead, she goes the extra mile for her boss and heads out to the Pacific. She’s got her red Sharpie with her. Eric has arrived to cut the budget, and get that promotion.

Things don’t go so smoothly when she encounters Captain Andrew Jantz (Alexander Ludwig). He bristles at her because he knows why she is there. Erica wants to defund the base.

This Air Force pilot has a special holiday custom. It is called Operation: Christmas Drop. The Air Force parachutes gifts and supplies to Guam’s neighboring islands. This tradition brings a lot of joy and good will.

But, Erica’s boss and Congressional cohorts see this demonstration of Christmas good will as wasteful. Erica thinks it is time to slash this decades-old tradition. But, Andrew brings her along, and she soon sees how wonderful this program really is.

First Time Scripted Movie Shot In Guam

This was the very first time that a scripted movie was shot in Guam. That presented a few challenges, as it was filmed on an actual military base. One of those challenges was the extreme heat. The other was security. That was very strict.

But, they filmed along the water, which was stunning. Kat Graham loved “shooting in paradise.” She got to know the island and the base, making this a special experience.

Kat Graham Loved ‘Humanitarian Spirit’ Of Operation Christmas Drop

Operation Christmas Drop is based on a real Air Force tradition. Every holiday season, the Air Force drops over  50,000 pounds of humanitarian aid. Kat Graham is very active with humanitarian causes, so it was of no surprise that the “humanitarian spirit” of this movie is what attracted her to this role.

Alexander Ludwig also enjoyed the good will around this me. He explained how important it is to have a movie like this now. “I felt that it would be so great to be a part of something that everyone could watch and just feel good about afterwards.”

The Canadian actor was quite impressed as he shared, “The world needs love right now. It’s such a beautiful thing they are doing overseas and I was humbled to be able to shed a light on it.” He was especially happy to be able to share a story where “there are good people doing good things in this world all the time.”

But not everything was about good. There was a bit of bad and Kat Graham loved playing the Grinch. That is not a normal type of role for the 31-year-old actress. Kat loved playing this role in Operation Christmas Drop so much, that she called this role “the most fun to read” and “the most fun I have ever had on a set.”

So, make sure you tune in to Netflix on November 4 to see Kat Graham have a blast! Don’t forget to catch The Princess Switch 2 on Netflix on November 19.


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