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Meghan King Talks About Son’s Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis

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Meghan King Edmonds recently took to the public to talk about her son Hart’s diagnosis. The two-year-old was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Now, she’s opening up about the diagnosis.

She shared about Hart’s progress on both her personal blog and on her Instagram page via a video. She explains that she knew he was “atypical” from the time he was born. But, until now, there was not an answer. She admits that she suspected it was cerebral palsy since he was young.

Meghan reveals that she has spent the past year taking Hart to various types of therapy. She also spent time researching different types of therapies and treatments.

Now that there is finally a diagnosis for her son, she is happy. She isn’t heartbroken over the diagnosis. She writes, “Think about it this way: it was as mundane as going through life every day without putting the lid on the toothpaste and then finally, I got to put the lid on. That’s how simple and right it felt.”

Hart was diagnosed with cerebral palsy just one day before World Cerebral Palsy Day. The reason she decided to share about Hart’s diagnosis so openly is that she wants to raise awareness. She says that she only knows one other person with cerebral palsy, so she didn’t realize that there was a spectrum.

Her son Hart seems to be making great progress in therapy, but she knows that he will still face some challenges. Right now, the family is focusing on helping Hart to speak in full sentences. In therapy, he’s working on his communication skills.

Jim Edmonds ‘unaware’ of Hart’s diagnosis

Hart’s father, Jim Edmonds, supposedly didn’t know about the cerebral palsy diagnosis. His rep spoke exclusively with Us Weekly, saying, “Jim is unaware of any such diagnosis and, if it is even true, it is completely unconscionable and absolutely disgraceful that Meghan would announce this on social media without discussing it with him first.”

Meghan King’s social media followers lift her up

Since Meghan shared the diagnosis with the public, she has been receiving a lot of love and encouragement. They appreciate her insight and all of the wisdom she is offering. They love seeing her transformation from being a housewife to being an advocate for her son.

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Today, my blog post announced that Hart was officially diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy yesterday, and as fate would have it, today is World Cerebral Palsy Day so I felt called to share his experience and my experience with you all in order to hopefully normalize this diagnosis. Something I’ve learned is that a diagnosis isn’t limiting, people are.  We are all born beautiful and perfect and then we learn we are too fat, too short, too ugly, too inept, too… everything.  We place others in boxes dependent on their labels and we unconsciously allow ourselves to live within those boxes: woman, college graduate, high-school dropout, professional athlete, Cerebral Palsy.  I am choosing to celebrate what makes Hart different and raise my children with the encouragement to live their lives out loud and to never let their differences limit or define them. So today we CELEBRATE World Cerebral Palsy Day. ❤️

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Meghan is also using this opportunity to promote early intervention. She encourages parents to seek out early intervention, as that is key.

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