’90 Day Fiancé’ Colt’s Last Goodbye To Ex Wife Larissa

Colt Johnson's Instagram

Colt Johnson seems like he is finally ready to let go of his ex-wife Larissa Lima. He posted his final words for his Brazillian ex-wife.

Colt and Larissa’s last goodbye

Colt took to his Instagram page to post a video of his ex-wife Larissa. It’s just a simple video of Larissa making popcorn. Colt writes in the captions, “Here’s to you [Larissa]. Rest here forever in my heart, the last and final moments are yours, that agony is your triumph.” Viewers have speculated that the  90 Day Fiance star is still grieving the divorce of his ex. This Instagram seems to confirm that speculation.

In the beginning

Larissa, who is from Brazil, connected with Colt on social media. They two met for the first time in Mexico, and Johnson proposed after five days. Fans watched as the self-proclaimed mama’s boy Colt struggled to fit Larissa into his life. Despite many concerns, the pair wed on June 24, 2018.

Too much drama between Colt and Larissa

In early January, The Blast reported that Colt had filed for divorce from Larissa. According to the divorce documents, he requested a joint preliminary injunction to keep the pair from depleting bank accounts or spending money during the divorce.

The last straw in the relationship was when the two allegedly got into a violent argument. Larissa shared several photos and videos on Instagram, revealing a bloodied face. She claimed that her then-husband called the cops on her as they were arguing. Larissa was indicted and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery, according to a criminal complaint.


Fans respond to Colt’s video

Fans have had a good time posting their views under the video. Here are a few amusing ones, “Hmm more & more u prove that she did indeed upgrade with Eric-ee. Hey don’t cry kid.. U still got Debbie.”

Ouch, that one stung a bit I’m sure!

Here’s another comment with a little different view, “Jess and Larissa wanted the Greencard and they got It. Larissa also had All the plastic surgery she dreamed of. I’m sure she would have got all of these surgeries in Brazil. Both of them should be thankful for the show and to Colt. I’m Brazilian and I don’t like them.”

Let’s look at one more funny one to lighten the mood, “Bruh you’re thirsty, Just let the girl live. People evolve, It’s normal. I don’t think you’ll ever understand that because growth and change is not something that was inputted into your DNA.”

That was harsh but kinda funny at the same time.

Love or hate these two, the popular 90 Day Fiance show has changed everyone’s life for the better. One thing is for sure, fans can’t wait to see how all their relationships evolve.

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