‘90 Day Fiancé:’ Did Chuck Use Money For Jenn & Charlie’s Weddings For Bail?

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Chuck, Elizabeth’s father has been accused of not paying for Jenn and Charlie’s weddings. Fans are starting to wonder if Chuck used their wedding funds to bail them out of jail.

Inquiring minds want to know!

Elizabeth Potthast’s, father let it be known at the Tell-All episode, that he, in fact, didn’t pay for his son Charlie or daughter Jennifer’s wedding. He did, however, pay $30k for his daughter Elizabeth’s second wedding.

What lead up to the question?

On this season of 90 Day Fiance, fans watched as Charlie made a fool of himself during his sister’s second wedding. Charlie acted like a rich American drunk kid whose only desire was to have his dad’s money. Viewers have noted that there seems to be tension between Libby and her siblings, with no reason as to why. During the Tell-All frustration came to light about Chuck paying for Libby and Andrei’s second wedding, Jenn decided to call out her dad for not paying for her celebration. She said, “You paid for three. Paid for Becky, he paid for Libby’s first one, and he paid for their third one. Charlie, did he pay for your wedding? No? He didn’t pay for mine either. So, bye,” According to ScreenRant, fans speculated that, Chuck should have just paid for Jenn and Charlie’s wedding to silence the two!


Fans want to know more about Jenn and Charlie’s Weddings

It is possible that Chuck didn’t pay for Jenn and Charlie’s weddings because he already spent a hefty sum bailing them out of jail. Jenn’s charges were small but Charlie faced a fairly serious drug charge in his youth. One that could have carried some time in jail. Chuck never confirmed or denied this fan theory. Thus, keeping everybody wondering. TLC viewers say they believe Charlie and Jenn are extremely jealous of their sister, due to their actions. It was also interesting that Libby was the one to set her siblings straight, saying her father had not paid for their first wedding. Libby states that Andrei used his savings to pay for their first wedding. Elizabeth’s close family of Potthast’s seem to be deserving of their own reality TV show. The drama they cause from their evident disapproval of Andrei to their dislike of his home country. Their hate has been a constant, since Libby and he made their first appearance on Season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé. On more than one occasion the disagreements reached a bubbling boiling point. Jenn and Charlie’s wedding seems to be their latest issue that fans will continue to watch unfold.

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