Will New ‘The Grand Tour’ Episode Include ‘Midsomer Murders’ Tom Barnaby?

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Fans of The Grand Tour are carefully following the trio’s social media for glimpses of another episode. So, just a couple of days ago, Midsomer Murders own John Nettles appeared on Jeremy Clarkson’s Instagram page.

Will the beloved British actor join Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond on their Scottish adventure? Or is it time to call in Tom Barnaby to finally find the long awaited “Madagascar” episode at Amazon Prime?

The Grand Tour’s Jeremy Clarkson Shares John Nettles Photo

On Saturday, while in Scotland, Jeremy Clarkson shared an Instagram photo of John Nettles. The Midsomer Murders alum was headed into a navy, with white racing stripes, Ford Escort 1600 Sport MK2. Clarkson’s caption was, “@sniff_petrol I’m staggered you missed this.”

Is the Bergerac star guest starring on The Grand Tour? Or did they decide to hire the actor who played the infamous Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby to find out what has happened with the second episode of Season 4? Fans have been waiting quite a long time for a new episode.

Of course, the coronavirus has stalled any new The Grand Tour filming. But, now that they are in Scotland, it appears that they are sticking to filming in the U.K. for at least this episode. And the laughter has already begun.

Jeremy Clarkson Has Covid Breakfast

The Grand Tour’s James May showed a humorous Twitter video of Jeremey Clarkson trying to eat his eggs and bacon with plastic utensils. He showed a couple of broken forks that were thrashed when he tried to cut into some bacon. So, Clarkson tried a third fork. Did he succeed in dicing up the meat?

Well, not exactly. Instead, there was a peel of laughter from James May, as Clarkson started laughing at the absurdity of it all.

One comment said, “This 30 second video clip alone was better than the whole episode of the new Top Gear last night.” Another comment reminisced, “I miss the laughter and joy you all brought me with all the cars but following you on here doesn’t disappoint because your laughter is contagious.” A thankful fan wished them safety during the coronavirus pandemic, “Regardless of the pandemic, thank you both for giving me a laugh . Hurry back when safe to being on TV . .”

Then, there came the big question that everyone has been asking for the past nine months, “When is Grand Tour coming back?! We’re dying out here (for something new that is).”

Yes, when is the “Madagascar” episode coming out?


The Grand Tour Is Filming In Scotland, But Where Is ‘Madagascar’ Episode?

The Grand Tour may be filming a new episode, but they do have one in the can already. Nearly a year ago, they went to Madagascar. The trio filmed a fabulous episode. But, their producer Andy Wilman got the coronavirus. Twice. So, he had to recover before editing over 1,000 hours worth of film.

It is now done.

Amazon has that episode now. Fans are just waiting for the premiere date. Meanwhile, they know that there is still laugher and something more to look forward to soon.

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