Tenley Molzahn Slams Back At Mom Shamers, Shares Post Partum Update, In Love With Her Body

enley Molzahn Leopold and new daughter via Instagram

Bachelor alum and new mother, Tenley Molzahn Leopold, is already getting mommy shamed. Her new daughter with husband Taylor Leopold is just two weeks old. She is doing an amazing job with her daughter, but there are always some who want to criticize. Tenley isn’t going to take it sitting down. She is already slamming back at the mom shamers on social media.

Tenley slammed for taking baby to the beach

It all started when Tenley and Taylor decided to take their daughter to the beach for some sun. And, to watch Taylor surf a bit. They stopped to take a pic of the three of them which she shared to Instagram. It didn’t take long for trolls to start slamming her for taking Rell to the beach.

One fan said, “Oh, no! Take that baby home for heaven’s sake!” Another said, “You took a photographer along? Carlsbad beaches masks please.”

Of course, many fans stepped up and came to Tenley’s defense. Most said she should ignore the mom shaming and do as she pleases.


She claps back at the trolls in new post

Tenley went back to Instagram with a picture of just her and Rell. She had a message for those slamming her for going to the beach. She said, “Mom shaming… my goodness, I knew it was a thing, and I was prepared to be presented with it- but it’s NASTY & the shamers are brutal. I can actually hear the judgements right now with this photo, cause you can’t see my baby’s nose & mouth. But trust me, Tay & I will do anything we can to keep our baby away from harm, as she’s sleeping, in the car, playing, whatever it may be, like being in the sun for 3 seconds for a photo… 🙄.”

Tenley didn’t stop there. She continued on saying, “Because we’re in this for the long haul, & there’s nothing greater than getting to share our little love with all of you, I’m saying something now. But I don’t ever want to have to defend myself on people’s assumptions— they are assumptions. And I don’t want the negativity or the shaming to steal our joy. And really, shame on those who shame others. That’s as negative as I ever want to get on here! But after watching my friends that are moms receive the shame (it always made me feel sad & angry for them), and now that I’m in this season, I wanted to say something!”

Tenley is in love with her body

Aside from defending herself against mom shaming, Tenley is proud of her body. She shared a photo on Instagram and said, “Yesterday, I said something I’ve never said in my life… looking in the mirror, with tears filling my eyes, I said out loud to Taylor, ‘I’m in love with my body.’”

Rell Jaymes Leopold was born September 20. Tenley and her husband have been sharing her pregnancy journey all the way up to her being here. She announced her pregnancy to fans in March. She is already rocking motherhood and should not already be dealing with trolls shaming her choices.

Stay tuned for more details on all your favorite Bachelor stars.


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