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Uncle Dale Mills Pokes Fun At ‘OutDaughtered’ Fans On Instagram

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Uncle Dale Mills of the OutDaughtered family is always up for a little clowning on Instagram. And, he frequently offers fans of the TLC family a nice dose of comic relief in the comments of the Busby family’s Instagram accounts. This is especially true when he decides to comment on posts made by Adam Busby. The girl dad of TLC took to Instagram a few hours ago to share a very “punny” post. And, Uncle Dale Mills didn’t miss a beat in responding to it. And, it looks like he decided to poke a little fun at fans of OutDaughtered.

Adam Busby shares an adorable post featuring Riley Paige.

The OutDaughtered dad shared a gorgeous snap of Riley Paige Busby doing a little digging in a sandbox. She looked to be concentrating pretty hard on the piece of equipment she was using to dig up some of the sand!

Now, there was obviously another quint standing behind Riley. Possibly waiting for a turn to do some digging. While OutDaughtered fans believed it was either Ava or Olivia waiting for a turn, they couldn’t tell because they couldn’t see the mystery quint’s face.

This was a gorgeous photo that fans assume Adam has taken with the new camera equipment he recently acquired. Truthfully, we’ve been seeing TONS of OutDaughtered snaps on Instagram lately. And, we can only assume it is because Adam is testing out the new equipment! Fans, however, aren’t going to complain. After all, it was a pretty sad few weeks after Hurricane Laura when we were not getting many Busby updates!

Uncle Dale Mills was the first to comment on the adorable picture.

Now, it looks like Uncle Dale Mills got to the post before any fans of Adam Busby and his family. And, he seized an opportunity to poke fun at the fans because of it. As those who follow social influencers like the Busby family know… It is extremely common to see people racing to be the first person to comment. These individuals also like to declare they are “first” in their comment. Adam and Danielle Busby also get a lot of individuals who ask him to “say hi” to them by responding to the comment.

And, Uncle Dale felt like poking fun at these fans in his comment.

“Do y’all even respond? #first,” he penned in a comment that has been liked a few dozen times.

The comment also accumulated a number of responses including one from Adam. “@dpmills10 you’re in luck. It’s fanboy Sunday,” Adam penned in response.

Many thought the banter was hilarious. But, a few just wanted Adam Busby to say hi to them as well.

“@dpmills10 of course you’d be 1st today! Miss seeing all of you guys on tv, hope all of you guys are doing well! Have a great Sunday!!” One amused fan gushed.

So, do you ever look through the comments to see what Uncle Dale has to say?

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