‘Shameless’ Fans Think Frank Gallagher Wearing A Face Mask Doesn’t Make Sense

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Shameless fans are a little concerned the pandemic is going to ruin the final season of the Showtime hit series. This concern comes after we learned the writers did some reworking on the series finale to work the pandemic into the final season. Making some changes allowed cast members to wear masks on set. But, it’s causing fans to have concerns about the show. Will it still feel like Shameless with everyone in face masks? 

Steve Howey shares a snap of Frank Gallagher wearing a mask.

Steve Howey (who plays Kevin) shared a photo of William H. Macy (who plays Frank Gallagher) on Instagram this weekend. The caption was simple. “Infamous.” 

William H. Macy was dressed in a typical Frank style outfit complete with flannel and the jeans jacket we are used to seeing. And, it looked like the Shameless character had a huge bag of marijuana in his hand. But, the photo was a little off putting to fans of Shameless. There was one detail that had people concerned. Concerned they were going to ruin the final Season of the series. 

Now, it is possible the photo is a shot in between scenes. The cast have revealed they are wearing masks whenever possible during filming. It is also possible he is putting a mask on because he’s about to go into an establishment that requires one. Or, maybe Frank has discovered face masks hide his identity. Thus, making committing crimes easier. 

Shameless fans don’t think this character should wear a mask.

Frank Gallagher is always screaming about government control and conspiracy theories. This is a man who makes a living on the streets. And, he’s always been able to survive everything life has to throw at him. It’s a running joke among fans that Frank and cockroaches would survive the end of the world. Some believe Frank would likely be immune to COVID because of how disgusting he is. 

With all of this in mind, fans just don’t think Frank Gallagher would wear a face mask. Especially when he’s on the streets (like he is in the photo). 


Unfortunately, this photo has fans concerned. Concerned for the final Season. They are worried writers will ruin the end of the series trying to accommodate the pandemic.

Shameless fans believe Frank would protest the mask mandate. They believe he would insist he was immune to getting the virus. And, they think he would claim it is government propaganda.

Over 100 fans agreed with this line of thinking. Some even jested Frank protesting their face mask mandate seems like a potential plot line for the final Season. 

So, do you think Frank Gallagher of Shameless would wear a face mask? Sound off in the comments. 

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