’90 Day Fiance’: Will Ashley & Jay Smith Remain Friends?

90 Day Fiance Ashley Martson Jay Smith

90 Day Fiance fans heard that Ashley Martson and Jay Smith split again. At the time, the news came soon after Jay opened his new tattoo shop. And now, fans wonder if they remain friends, as they both move on. Plus, what happens to the tattoo business?

90 Day Fiance star Ashley clears up if she and Jay remain friends after final split

We reported that “multiple articles” got written over the years about Jay and Ashley splitting and getting back together again. But this time, it really sounds like the end of their doomed relationship. On September 10, Ashley told her fans that they decided to “separate for good.” It seemed that Ashley just couldn’t get over the past and let go. After all, numerous times, she accused Jay of cheating. And, he slipped between the sheets with other women happily enough when they were apart.

Ashley claimed that she hoped they could repair their “trust” issues, but it never worked out. However, it seems they parted without cheating drama this time. And, she assured fans they’re “both on the same page.” As the news came just after the 90 Day Fiance couple opened Jay’s tattoo shop, fans asked her how that works. Plus, they wonder if the couple will remain friends in the future.

Remaining friends in the future

Ashley took to her Instagram on Friday and answered some questions. During the Q&A, a fan asked her, “Will you and Jay remain friends?” Then, the fan then noted they “rooted” for them, “but happiness comes first.” Ashley’s reply indicates that they intend making this split so permanent that friendship’s out the window. In her reply, Ashley wrote, “Sometimes…best to cut all ties with certain people.”

Well, 90 Day Fiance fans know that Ashley holds some interest in the tattoo shop. So, if they don’t remain at least friendly, then how would work? A fan asked her what happens with that now that they split up. According to Ashley, she actually owns it, not Jay. However, she said that she plans on ‘transferring” everything over to him. So “soon,” Jay becomes the proud sole owner of the business.

90 day fiance ashley and jay smith
Ashley Martson Smith | Instagram

Ashley and Jay Smith nearly got back on TV

Many fans suspected that Jay and Ashley’s reuniting again was just for more TV time. But, she told Celeb Magazine that they never planned that. While she noted they actually started talking with a network, it ended with the new split. And, she told the outlet, “Jay and I did not get back together with the intention of returning to television and getting more fame/notoriety/exposure.”

Certainly, it looks like if they got together just for five more minutes of fame, they would have stayed together for a new TV show.

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