’90 Day Fiance’ Stars Tania and Syngin Argue About His Drinking in Sneak Peek

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Things have been looking rocking between the TLC reality show stars Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester. We know they have had issues before and it seems nothing has changed.

An argument between Tania and Syngin persues.

According to People Magazine sneak peek at, part two of the virtual tell-all, the newlyweds get into a heated argument over Syngin’s drinking.

Here’s a little backstory

Tania and Syngin starred on Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance after meeting in a bar in South Africa, where Syngin worked as the bartender. Tania and Syngin continued to spend time together in South Africa and Tania said it took four days to fall in love. The couple later moved to the United States and married. Thinks have been a little rocky for the couple ever since. What is the couple arguing about now? Tania doesn’t seem to believe that Syngin is ready to Seattle down and stop his bachelor ways. Syngin’s drinking seems to be a hot topic lately and it seems like they addressed it in the Tell-All.


What did the tell-all sneak peek show?

Joining the couple on video chat is Syngin’s former roommates, Andrew and James, from South Africa. On a prior trip to his home country, Syngin and Tania met with these old friends for drinks. The group talks about the couple’s many issues. While they didn’t feel Syngin had a drinking problem, they did think the couple aren’t right for each other and shouldn’t be together.

On the virtual call, the roommates both deny that Syngin has an issue with alcohol.

“No, and I’ll tell you three reasons,” Andrew says in the clip, courtesy of TLC. “Syngin, are you working?”

“Yes,” says Syngin.

“Do you have any employment issues because of your drinking?” Andrew asks.

“No,” says Syngin, before Tania interrupts to point out that he “just started” a recent position.

Her comment launches the couple into an argument about his drinking, with Syngin attempting to defend himself.

“He couldn’t get a work permit because of his drinking!” Tania claims.

“What the f— are you talking about?” Syngin asks.

“You couldn’t get the work visa because of your drinking, because they called your last job,” she says.

“Because I got drunk at a bar two years ago? You make it sound crazy! I got drunk at a bar two years ago in South Africa and they called my…” he says, adding, “We are allowed to take shots … and there was somebody being very rude.”

As Tania attempts to speak over him, Syngin presses three times: “Can I talk?”

Along with the stress of moving came the need to pay rent. The pressure was on Syngin to get a job, as Tania was unable to work following her car accident. Can this couple handle the pressure or when they end up divorcing?


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