‘LPBW’ Star Zach Roloff Feels Triggered By Amy & Matt’s Bickering

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Turns out, Season 21 of Little People, Big World will feature Matt, Amy, Zach, and Tori Roloff. We’ll also get to see some of Jackson and Lilah! And, fans of the TLC series couldn’t be more excited to have their favorite family return to their TV screens.

It, however, goes without saying that fans have a lot of feelings about Matt and Amy Roloff constantly fighting and bickering with each other. As we previously reported, fans are desperately hoping Season 21 of LPBW will feature a lot less arguing. And, as it turns out, their son Zach Roloff understands how the viewers at home feel. In fact, he admitted to feeling triggered by all of the fighting.

Want to know more about what Zach Roloff has to say about Amy and Matt’s fighting? Keep reading!

Zach Roloff supported his mother moving away from Roloff Farms

As we previously reported, Zach Roloff was a HUGE supporter of his mother moving off of the Roloff Farms. He believed it was a toxic situation that wasn’t health for Amy or Matt to continue to be in.

We also know that Zach Roloff does have a small interest in taking over some of the property. He, however, is only really interested in buying his mother’s half. He doesn’t want to also buy his father’s and own 100 percent of the property. Moreover, both Zach and Tori have admitted they have some mixed feelings about taking on ownership of the property. And, he would really prefer for Matt to buy Amy out of the property.

Amy, however, still isn’t sure if she even wants to sell her portion of the property. Can she manage half the property from afar?

Tori’s husband feels triggered by his parents’ fighting

Now, no child really enjoys listening to their parents bicker. And, this feeling doesn’t really go away with age. So, LPBW fans understand why Zach Roloff is feeling triggered by the constant bickering.

Little People, Big World fans watched Zach Roloff listen to his parents debate on the future of the family farm. And, when he and his wife went to Amy’s new home for a visit they discussed it further. Zach wanted to discuss the buyout option that Matt initially offered before taking back. He explained to his mother that he wasn’t really interested in taking sides. He was equally frustrated with both parents.

“All we hear is excuses. Things weren’t done his way. That’s what I get bothered by — excuses. You do it, Dad does it. I don’t have time for it.” Zach discussed.


Speaking to the cameras, Zach admitted that Matt’s reason for pulling back the deal he offered was “emotional.” But, that didn’t mean his mother was in the clear. He believed they were both being equally emotional over the situation.

You’re being just as emotional as her, just in a controlled way. … But, my mom’s not perfect in this either. My mom acts like these deadlines come out of nowhere, but my dad gave her six weeks.”

What Zach really wants his for his parents to find a way to get along. He wants things to go more smoothly within his family. “That’s my one soft spot where I get triggered is when I don’t feel like everyone’s doing things in the best interest of the family,” he admitted.

His mother really struggled with leaving the Roloff Farms

We know moving away from the Roloff Farms was not easy for Amy to do. After all, she spent three decades married to Matt Roloff on that property. And, she raised her children in the farmhouse. Sure, she’s excited for her new life with Chris Marek. But, she’s having a hard time letting go of her past life.


On the outside, Matt doesn’t appear to be as emotional to the property. He gave Amy a deadline of five weeks to decide whether to sell him her share of the property. Amy, however, did not think that was nearly enough time to make a decision.

I don’t think he’s allowing enough time for this kind of deal to go through. For me, a few weeks to sell a big chunk of real estate and a business that we started together, I have to push the emotion part of that out. But it’s hard for me to do that.”

So far, Season 21 of LPBW is shaping up to be a pretty emotional one. What do you think about how Zach Roloff is feeling during all of this? Sound off in the comments.

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