Joy Duggar Shares Sweet Video Of Her Kids Meeting

Joy Duggar Forsyth, Counting On

In a new video, Joy Duggar Forsyth shows the special moment where her two kids met. She and Austin Forsyth welcomed their second baby to the world in August. Baby Evelyn Mae joins her two-year-old big brother Gideon.

Since Joy gave birth, she has been sharing new videos on the family’s YouTube channel. She has shared a birth video and a video of herself meeting her baby for the first time. She also shared a video of a challenging time in the hospital, and she said that her heart was breaking. Fortunately, everything seems to be okay now.

In her latest YouTube video, Joy documents Gideon and Evelyn meeting each other for the first time.

Of course, Duggar fans are eager to see this sibling moment. Joy warns that it didn’t go as planned. But, fans totally understand, as Gideon is only two years old.

On the way home from the hospital, Joy and Austin pick Gideon up. He was out with his aunts, so Joy and Austin meet Jana somewhere. When they arrive, Gideon wants to stay with Jana. He doesn’t seem very excited about meeting his baby sister.

Later, when they get home, Austin helps Gideon wash his hands. Then, he sits on the couch. Austin’s sister helps Gideon hold Evelyn. Gideon holds her for a second and then says, “Done!” He also gives the baby a kiss on her head.

Near the end of the video, many of the other family members have a chance to meet Evelyn. Joy says, “This is a video we’ll cherish forever!”

Austin Forsyth and Joy Duggar share sweet siblings pictures

On social media, many of Joy and Austin’s photos are of their kids. They post many updates that feature cute pictures and videos. Some of these photos and videos even feature the two young kids together.

Naturally, Duggar fans love to see the sweet sibling pictures. They think Gideon’s already doing a great job as a big brother. He seems happy to have a baby sister, even if he might not fully understand what that means yet.

Fans can look forward to seeing many more photos and videos of the sibling pair as they grow up. Joy and Austin are most active on YouTube and Instagram, so those are good places to check for updates.

So, what do you think of the video of Gideon and Evelyn meeting for the first time? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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