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‘OutDaughtered’: Is Olivia Busby’s Dress Available On Graeson Bee Clothing?

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OutDaughtered fans see more photos of Olivia these days. In the past, it seemed that mainly Riley featured on the Busby social media. She’s very cute, but fans wanted more of Ava and Olivia, the twins. And recently, Adam and Danielle delivered some shots of Olivia. Now, fans wonder if the dress Olivia wears in a recent post is available on Graeson Bee clothing.

OutDaughtered – Olivia’s lovely floral dress

We reported that Olivia featured in a recent shot by Adam Busby. It showed her and her sister Riley looking super-cute in their kid’s dune buggy. Now, fans noticed Olivia looked very pretty in a floral dress. And, fans asked if it’s available on Graeson Bee clothing. It came in a post by Danielle Busby who captioned it with, “The look of “whhhhhy do i have to clean up my own mess????” 😝🤣 #oliviamarie #itsabuzzworld.”

In the comments section of the post, OutDaughtered fans asked about the dress. Very attractive, and multiple colors, it’s a very nice floral design, fans agree. One fan asked, “Love this dress….is it for sale on y’all’s clothing site?” And, another fan responded, saying, “I was hoping someone would ask this. Has she responded?” Well, so far the short answer is “no.” So we went on a hunt for it.

Where is the dress in the catalogue?

Actually, Olivia’s dress looked a bit familiar, so we hunted through the Graeson Bee Instagram page first. The Busby’s share a lot of their products there. So after scrolling through what felt like miles, we found the dress. In fact, its the one Parker Kate wore for the quints’ fifth birthday photo. The caption read, “LET’S CELEBRATE!! ✨ THE QUINTS ARE FIVE TODAY ✨ Join us in celebrating Hazel, Parker, Ava, Olivia, and Riley’s fifth birthday with code 𝐇𝐀𝐏𝐏𝐘𝐁𝐈𝐑𝐓𝐇𝐃𝐀𝐘 for 25% off all kids items today!”

Tagged as Graeson Bee, we went over to the OutDaughtered family’s clothing website and hunted again. And again. And, a third time. Well, we couldn’t find it under Kids Dresses. So, we looked under Girls Dress, with no success. So, we looked under Outfits. There, we spotted Riley’s Birthday photo dress. But, not the one Olivia and Parker previously wore.  Checking the current “Sale” items, nope, no sign of it. So, after checking almost every category on site, it seems like the product’s not in there.

And, nobody spends more than half an hour hunting for an item online these days. So, possibly, it’s a discontinued line? How about you? Can you find it on Graeson Bee? Sound off and let us know if you track the pretty dress down.

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