‘LPBW’: Here’s Why Zach Roloff Supported Amy Leaving Roloff Farms


Little People, Big World fans are hoping for some Roloff family drama to smooth over during Season 21. As those who have watched the show since the beginning know, Amy and Matt Roloff spent three decades as a married couple. Then, they got divorced. And, now? Now, Amy Roloff has decided it is time to move away from the Roloff Farms. This is where the ball starts rolling during Season 21. After all, Amy Roloff leaving the family property is a pretty big deal. Especially since she owns half of it.

Now, LPBW fans seem to agree Amy Roloff moving away and getting some distance between her and Matt is a wise decision. A healthy decision. But, do their children have an opinion about it? Well, as we mentioned previously Zach Roloff and his wife Tori along with their two small children also have major roles in Season 21. So, it makes sense that Zach would have an opinion on Amy leaving and potentially selling her portion of the Roloff Farms.

Amy Roloff isn’t sure what she wants to do with her share of the property.

The biggest hiccup with reality TV series is there is a gap between the TV show and reality. Those who follow Amy Roloff on Instagram know she’s already moved out and moved on. She seems very happy with her life and her lover. But, because of a contract with TLC, there are a lot of details that we don’t know much about. And, we are watching what happened in between via Season 21 of LPBW.

What is Amy going to do with her portion of the property?

With Amy Roloff moving off of the property, it doesn’t necessarily make sense for her to hold onto it. In fact, Matt even offered to purchase her portion of the property. But, Amy Roloff isn’t sure if that is what she wants to do. And, he gave her a five week deadline to make a decision. As those who are watching the new season know, Amy just doesn’t feel like Matt is giving her enough time to make such a decision.

I don’t think he’s allowing enough time for this kind of deal to go through. For me, a few weeks to sell a big chunk of real estate and a business that we started together, I have to push the emotion part of that out. But it’s hard for me to do that.”

Zach loves the idea of his mother moving.

Speaking with his father, Zach admitted that he thought his mother moving off of the property made sense. And, it also sounds as though he thinks Matt should own 100 percent of Roloff Farms.

“I think you’ll feel so good once you own this whole property, though, to yourself. I know it’s stressful right now, but in a year and a half, it’s so worth it.” Zach insisted to his father.

Zach Roloff also admitted that he thought his mother Amy moving would just make the situation “heathier for everybody.”


Would Zach Roloff like to take over Roloff Farms?

We know Matt Roloff would love to pass the property off to some of his children. In a perfect world, he would love to see the twins take over. Right now, however, it certainly looks like Zach is the most involved and primed for the position.

That being said, as we previously reported, Zach and Tori aren’t so sure they want the responsibility. The idea stressed Tori out. And, Zach insisted he would be happy to buy half of the property from his mother. But, he didn’t want to own the whole thing.

Considering how rough things have been with Roloff Farms because of COVID-19, this hesitation makes sense.

So, do you think Amy Roloff moving made sense? Do you think she should sell to Zach or Matt? Sound off in the comments!

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