’90 Day Fiance’ Tell-All Host Drops Hints Of Colt Johnson, Vanessa Secret Shocker

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90 Day Fiance tell-all host Shauna Robinson tells fans that their all more unexpected shockers to still come! Don’t miss what is coming with Colt Johnson and Vanessa.

So much suspense

According to Et Online, Vanessa teased viewers by saying there is still a shocking revelation that is still to come with the  Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra saga. During the part one tell-all, that aired last Sunday, Colt openly admitted that after he and his now ex-girlfriend, Jess, split, he began sleeping with Vanessa. He bragged that help slept with her once then decided to sleep with her again and again. That statement from colt was one that viewers say they wish they didn’t hear.

Be prepared

In part one of the Tell All we were unable to hear from Vanessa but we know know that she will be making an appearance in Part 2. Vanessa does make an appearance during the tell-all, and in a preview, it’s clear she and Jess go at it.

It’s all a little weird for Colt Johnson

Vanessa has been an uncomfortable subject when it came to Colt Johnson and Jess’s relationship. Jess accused Colt of having an inappropriate relationship with Vanessa from the beginning of their relationship. Colt continued to insisted that he and Vanessa were just friends. Colt did sneakily tell cameras that he slept with Vanessa one time. He continued to say that Vanessa only wanted to be friends. Jess eventually broke up with Colt not only because she caught him sending sexual photos to many different women online, but because she was upset that Vanessa started living with him in Las Vegas. Colt Johnson’s mother, Debbie says that she invited Vanessa to live with them when she needed a place.


Little hints

In the interview Shauna states that “obviously I’m not going to give anything away, but it’s a shocker,” she says. “It’s a shocker. I’m like, ‘What? Where did that come from?'” “There’s more to that story that is going to be shocking,” she continues. “That’s what I will say. More to the story.”

Larissa likes to talk

“When you tune into parts two and three you will see Larissa. So any rumors that she’s been cut out of the tell-all are not true at all,” she clarifies. “Larissa’s one who’s been through a lot, a lot has gone on in her life. …I’m not a part of any, you know, discussions between her and the network at all so I don’t know, but I do know that she will be on parts two and three.”

The last little hint

One last clue Shauna dropped about the upcoming drama is someone will go off on angela. Stating that due to being virtual people had more nerve to say what they wanted.

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