‘When Calls The Heart’ Season 8 Is All About Romance, Says Erin Krakow

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When Calls The Heart Season 8 started filming in late July. Now, Erin Krakow has given hearties a big hint about this upcoming season. There will be a lot of romance. What else do we know?

Erin Krakow Shares That When Calls The Heart Season 8 Is About Romance!

On Monday, When Calls The Heart star Erin Krakow went to Twitter to give #hearties a sneak peek into the Season 8 storyline. She shared, “Oh, I don’t plan to share any details right NOW. Just wanted to assure you all that there will be romance in S8. Trust me.”

What does she mean? We can all guess that the Season 7 love triangle between Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton and Lucas (Chris McNally) and Nathan (Kevin McGarry). While it appeared that she chose Lucas, a crisis now makes us wonder if perhaps Elizabeth has stronger feelings for Nathan? Hearties cannot agree with whom Elizabeth should

Lucas is likely not going to back off without seeing if he can change her mind. But, he is the kind of guy that will walk away if she finds love elsewhere. On the other hand, can Nathan fully give Elizabeth his heart?

Meet The Canfields, The New Hope Valley Family

Hearties may have already heard that When Calls The Heart Season 8 will include a new family, the Canfields. Joseph Canfield, portrayed by Viv Leacock (Hailey Dean Mysteries), plans on opening up a gas station. His wife Minnie is portrayed by Natasha Burnett.

Their two children, Angela and Cooper are portrayed by Viv Leacock’s real-life children, Vienna and Elias Leacock. What we know about their storyline is that Angela is a visually impaired 12-year old. She is gifted at the piano and has always been homeschooled.

Understandably, mom Minnie is very protective of her daughter, and that may cause some conflicts. Elizabeth may have to figure out a way to let Minnie trust her. Meanwhile, Cooper has an adventurous spirit. Considered a “wonderful addition” to the classroom, it looks like he, Elizabeth Elizabeth and Jesse (Aren Buchholz) are out in the forest, with horses.


When Calls The Heart Season 8 Will Be 12 Episodes

Hearties who planned on spending Christmas Day watching baby Jack open presents in Hope Valley may need to rethink their plans. Hallmark was unable to film a WCTH Christmas movie for 2020. They have not exactly explained why they were unable to get a movie filmed, but according to executive producer Brian Bird, there will be a Christmas “surprise” under the tree.

Like Erin Krakow, he is not revealing much. But, he did offer great consolation. When Calls The Heart Season 8 will have two additional episodes. That means there will be 12 episodes.

They have not yet announced a premiere date, but WCTH traditionally premieres in February.



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